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This conceptual paper critically analyses ethical decision in a specific case scenario on the obligation. Problem Identification It is essential for professional counselors to be aware of the basic ethical guidelines that they should follow in order to make sure that there is an efficient information flow in the counseling arena (Cherkowski et al. Moreover, professional values are an essential way of trying to leave a legacy of ethical commitment. Counseling is actually a professional relationship which tries to empower diverse people to help them in their lives. John is a counseling intern working in an outpatient facility that specializes in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. The situation is ethical and professional in nature due to the condition of issues within the setting of counseling.

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Evaluating the Code of Ethics there is a certain conflict that might arise from the decisions of John. From the first instance, he has gone against the Code of Ethics by creating a virtual relationship in counseling. On the other hand, for the case of Jeanne, it might be critical as she might develop a negative attitude by the manner she has been addressed. Ben on the case of being his friend in personal account might come across some post that is not good from the perspective of John as a counselor and in the long run have a different portrayal of John thus creating a conflict in the counselor-client relationship. b tends to allow a certain boundary extension upon which it gives only limited exceptions to the above standards in that the counselor can visit his or client or eventually offer a gift.

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If the dual relationship does not exist, a counselor should take precaution that no harm is perceived or developed by the client. On top of that standard H. a applies to the situation in that counselor can use the professional site but that is different from their personal ones. The two standards differentiate the two cases of the ACA Code of Ethics of the year 2014. The services provided are limited to one's experience and competence to a given period. In order to make sure that the best interests of the clients are met then there is the need for constant monitoring and supervision. In the actual sense, practitioners have got the personal as well as a professional responsibility to fully challenge any kind of discredit to their profession.

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Therefore, for the case of John a dilemma lies in the case. On the other case, justice entails that all the clients to be treated fair and just without any kind of discrimination. On the other hand, Zur and Walker (2015) assert that this not clearly determined in the code of ethics. Therefore, engaging with the clients in the social network is not bad but they advocate for cautious decisions in the social networks. Some questions on professionalism on the network need to be addressed before decisions are met. If the decision were not adequate for John, he could have raised the issue to his supervisor in order for the decisions to be determined by the facility. He could have also sought an advice from friends or contact NAAADAC for help in the matter.

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Then it would call for his reprimandation due to negligence. However, from the fact of the matter, John accepted the friend request of Ben, going to Ben and then deciding to recant his acceptance, Ben will be greatly harmed by the decisions of John thus interfering with the client-counselor relationship. IF John could have requested for professional social media page from the facility and get approved then it would mean that the can accept the friend requests even the ones that were deemed to be argumentative in nature. This would necessitate him to close his personal; account for the better of every person. By having all these options at my hand, I would openly tell Ben that it was ethically wrong to befriend him on my media page that was personal but we shall continue being friends on the professional media that has got the consent of my facility working with.

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Therefore, to address the problem fully, I would talk to my supervisor by explaining to him what pursued. I would also request meeting my respective client in a private place, but not necessitate excluding my immediate supervisor. I would inform the client on the respective ACA Code of Ethics and exactly what entails entering a relationship with a particular current client. I would fully tell the client the relationship would impact the treatment of the client. If the better option is professional social page then I would automatically I would offer him or her the opportunity to get connected with the community. Principals' Moral Agency and Ethical Decision-Making: Toward a Transformational Ethics.  International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership, 10(5), n5. Elliot, G.

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