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All nurses and medical professionals have the moral and ethical duty to promote and protect life. However, the current ethical dilemma that most nurses face lies in the responsibilities as well as the rights of nurses in relation to abortion versus the right of a patient who chooses to abort. Therefore with the increase in legislative activities regarding abortion laws in various states, the position of the nurses has been problematic in the view of professional pro-life advocacy and respecting the rights of the patients (Patil et al. All decisions made in respect to abortion should seek to protect the rights of the patients as stipulated by the law and done within the set ethical framework provided by institutions such as the "American nurses' association code of ethics.

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" Although the issue on when a person begins to exist as been subject to debate, according to modern molecular biology, life is usually present from the initial moment of conception. One of the reasons why I am against the act of abortion is that I believe it is an act of murder that denies the unborn child the chance to live. The meaning of abortion is the act of pregnancy termination before delivering naturally using any available or alternative means such as an operation (Goold & Herring, 2014). Every person has the fundamental right to life, and no person should take it away regardless of the situation. The right to life is a basic global human right that should be upheld and respected at all means and cost.

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Therefore by being involved in the act of abortion either as a medical professional, nurse or the mother would amount to denying and infringing the unborn child basic freedom and right which sums up to gross moral and ethical standards. For instance, according to the ministry of health in the United States, it is reported that the number of abortions that occur in private and public institutions continues to cost the offenders a lot of money perennially (Kaczor, 2014). Most women who undergo the abortion process are faced with financial crisis that results in borrowing a lot of money which they may not be able to repay. Therefore, the result of such financial strain led to a discordant relationship between the mother of the aborted baby and the perpetrator.

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Some individuals may even go to the extent of engaging in stealing or other dubious means to meet the required cash (Kaczor, 2014). Therefore, in my view, the cost that is associated with abortion is too much and should be avoided. In addition, the dangerous and common complications that women develop after an abortion may include breast cancer which influences the natural process or cycle of releasing the hormones that are used for milk and breast developments. Other numerous complications that arise as a result of abortion include future premature births, pelvic inflammatory disease, placenta praevia, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and subsequent infertility (Percival, 2014). Therefore, it is important to prevent abortions rather that contract these complications that may affect an individual financially and health wise in future.

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