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It is therefore important for one to lose a good advertising mechanism in order to attract and maintain one's clients. Ad advertisement is one of the best advertisement methods that impress customers easily when well applied (Malhotra et al. In any advertisement, the period that one has so as to impress on its audience is limited. Due to this, it is important for one to develop a concise, and well coherent ad that can appeal well to the audience. A good ad helps the business in connecting with its audience (Malhotra et al. This showed that the company had wisely chosen the best ad which was able to pursue their customers to buy. The company normally deals with racing cars. The main target audience in this ad is people stuck at home because their tires can’t get traction in the rough winter weather.

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The tires can be used during both summer as well as winter. The ad was thus very impressive and thus the company was able to reach as many potential customers as possible. The company was also able to meet its target product as they gave out a product that could effectively function in both dry as well as wet roads thus making themselves reliable. This, therefore, means that it is important for any company to choose for an effective marketing strategy so as to be able to reach as many customers as possible. This will enable the company to meet as many potential customers as possible which will make it able to increase the volume of sales thus having better terms in the market.

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