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The most commonly used media for adverting includes magazines, newspapers, websites, billboards, mobile phones, radio and the internet in general. Economic liberation in many countries has made it easy for companies to adopt the current trends to promote awareness of their products hence developing the adverting industry o a greater extent. Besides, promotion is a form of mass communication that aim sat building brands of companies and give identity to the products and services of any company that attempts to reach out to the people through advertising. Advertising also aims at creating demand for a product or service hence promoting the economic growth for any nations. Essentially, if marketing gets done in the interest of the public, then its existence is justified and acts as an efficient tool of learning, but if done in the commercial of guise, it defeats its goal.

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Finally, the ad uses a glittering generality technique to dupe the public into buying the ivory soap; it uses vague words and phrases to attract attention. Ad 2: Colgate’s rapid shave powder Design layout The ad layout designed utilized the emphasis as the central element design by use of aspects like colour, size, shape, and texture to create a visual; weight for viewers to focus on. The Colgate shave powder and also used a simple design that viewers can understand and get convinced into buying the product. Notably, the pictures used plus the wordings represent the daily lives of most men with beards. Furthermore, a visual balance created by the distribution of the objects' visual weight that creates the path through which the viewer's eyes follows while viewing the advert.

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In conclusion, adverting has been an essential aspect of every business; evidently, that most significant portion of the budget is spent on advertising to create awareness and eventually demand the products or services. In creating an advertisement; whether for print or oral presentation, the company y needs to understand the selling techniques and the elements of design that is suitable for each advert. All the above ads were successful because they used all the necessary and relevant design aspects and selling propaganda that appeals to the emotions of people. Works Cited "It's a Short Shave, That Has No Burning--that is if You Use Colgate's Rapid-Shave Powder / Ad*Access / Duke Digital Repository. " Duke Digital Collections, repository. duke. edu/dc/adaccess/R0162. Accessed 21 Mar.

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