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The macula of the retina is generally damaged hence the patient's eyes cannot focus on objects. The retina converts the received light into signals sent to the brain. The disease can be subdivided into subtypes: neovascular (wet macular degeneration) and non-neovascular (dry macular degeneration) (Gillies et al. Ratnapriya & Chew argued that Neovascular is caused when abnormal blood vessels grow within the retina and macula (160-166). The vessels then leak, causing it to bulge and move from the original position, thus distorting vision. According to studies, the depression rate ranges from11 to 44% in the patients. It is strongly correlated with the visual loss because when diagnosed, very few patients can come in terms with the underlying situation, hence taking loner time to adapt and accept it.

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There is also a high risk of suicidal cases among the affected because of feeling isolated of not being able to live a normal lucrative life like before (Ratnapriya & Chew, 160-166). According to Schultz &Clyde (5-15), 39-49% of Age-related muscular degeneration, patients require at least one help in as many activities. This is five times higher than those who do not suffer from the condition. Adverse conditions may make the patients visualize unreal objects. They recognize colored images better than achromatic ones and find unreal objects as real. Vision loss has a very significant impact on those affected as well as there families. It is a frightening an overwhelming experience as one is unable to maintain his own independence. loss of sight may also lead to a substantial economic impact (Ratnapriya & Chew, 160-166).

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The family further perseveres more suffering when their funds are duplicated and properties liquidated to cater for the ill person (Gillies et al. Physical and Psychological Ratnapriya & Chew argued that the health of the affected person is adversely affected because of the increase in pain, fatigue and lack of sleep (160-166). The infected person may have to give up on his work because he is no longer a reliable person. this may lead to increased depression rates and an increased rate in substance abuse. psychologically, the economic distress increases the chances of a person with emotional distress and reduces family chances of coping up with the illness. The injections are directly given into your eyes to improve vision. Photodynamic therapy can also be performed whereby abnormal blood vessels are destroyed by shining light at the back of the eyes.

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Your doctor can also advise you use vitamins and minerals including vitamins C and E, zinc and zeaxanthin and lutein in specific doses to slow down when Age-related macular degeneration n it’s still in its early stages(Ratnapriya & Chew, 160-166). According to Gillies et al. , In case you suffer from macular degeneration or you know anyone who does you can visit these sites for further information (Schultz &Clyde, 5-15). org/disease-toolkit/macular/helpful-resources-macular Ratnapriya & Chew argued, the community resources available for consultation and rehabilitation in macular degeneration include (160-166). https://www. mdfoundation. com. au/content/support-team-macular https://bmjopen. Once a person is diagnosed family members should first accept the condition and come to his aid. the managers at work should understand the person is no longer able to perform as before and be given lighter chores (Ratnapriya & Chew, 160-166).

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