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In today’s modern world, agents of socialization depend on the varying cultural conditions. Therefore, how most individuals identify with themselves, understand who they are and their place is dependent on the social agents in that society. This essay will examine family, school, mass media, work as well as peers as agents of socialization and look into how they affect one’s life. Additionally, the essay will also include the relation between this agent and the anticipatory socialization, Self-fulfilling prophecy and a situation theory. According to sociologist W. Another important agent of socialization that has a profound effect on one’s life is school. The schooling system is now a part of every societal structure. It acts as a tool through which life skills and knowledge are transferred.

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Within a school, establishment individuals learn essential skills by interacting with educators, other students, and even the support staff. Although the social development of an individual may revolve around family dynamics, most of their characteristics and personalities are greatly influenced by a school mainly because it is one of the first foreign social agents that an individual encounters. Most supportive peer relationships assist in internalization of feelings of effectiveness in ties, values, relatedness, and belonging. This may, in fact, have a profound effect on how one relates to their work or school-related activities. It proves that support for one's decisions is a very important part of social dimensions in relations. In both the work and school context it has been proven that relationships with peers are essential to one's ideology of successful socialization and inculcation to learning from the environment around them.

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Thus, because of the profound effect that on socialization, a lack of support from classmates and workmates may cause one to have thoughts of either dropping out or quitting. The availability of these social agents is also an aspect that is crucially considered because; the dependency on the media may vary from one society to another. Therefore, because the media is capable of influencing environments, it inherently affects individuals communication abilities, interrelations, as well as their views in regard to certain stereotypes. It offers information on another person's perceived view on daily events in their lives or otherwise. However, it has been noted that among all the social agents, it is likely that media has the most capability to influence one ’s social cognizance negatively because be it in movies, news, or social platforms there is an endless amount of violent programmes that may negatively influence one's personality.

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