The Impact of Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

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This has been evidenced in both men and women within adult and youthful stage. The reports have indicated that most overdose deaths have been mainly through opioids and heroin drugs. Drugs and alcohol abuse has been contributed by factors such as psychological, physiological and social factors with the aim of feeling high (DiClemente ,2017). The impact of drugs and alcohol abuse Drugs and Alcohol abuse are a social problem in the United States because of the effects it has on our society as a whole. There are a number of these social problems that will be addressed in this essay. Pros of alcohol consumption. There have been advertisements on the effects of alcohol consumption and drugs abuse in different media platforms. The disadvantages of alcohol have been a significant focus in newsreels portraying bad things associated with alcohol abuse.

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However, there are some benefits explicitly associated with consumption of alcohol. Some of these pros are enumerated below. • Helps in preventions of the common colds For past centuries, average alcohol consumption has been associated with prevention of common colds. The psychology department from the University of Carnegie Mellon has discovered that tobacco smokers were more prone to the common cold as compared to moderate alcohol drinkers. The discovery showed that moderate alcohol drinkers experiences a less common cold cases. • Decreases the chances of contracting Dementias Moderate alcohol consumers have been associated with being free from developing Dementia disease. The research study conducted involving more than three hundred and sixty-five thousand participants which started in 1977 showed that moderate alcohol consumers are 23% less free to develop any of Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive impairment or any type of dementia.

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A lot of government funds has been used to cater for the control of drug selling and usage within the nation. Most of the funds allocated to control the drug abuse and selling has been pocketed by corrupted government officials into their own pockets rather than using the funds to stop drugs abuse and selling. • Increase in risk of the policemen and military lives. The lives of military officers and police officers have been in high risk of being attacked and some even killed during drugs war. Many military and police officers attempting to stop the drug trafficking activities have been murdered by drug cartels leaving their families orphaned. Some of these drug-related diseases include liver cancer caused by excessive alcohol consumption, strokes, arthritis, chronic pancreatitis, hyperglycemia and obesity among others.

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Excessive alcohol consumption has been associated with several health effects such as mood swings, memory problems, coordination issues, impaired judgment, concentration troubles, coma, stupor and uncontrolled eye movements (Connors, DiClemente, 2013). • Problems in live progressions Many people both middle adults and young youth have lost their lives through the consumption of drugs. Some have failed to accomplish their goals in life for examples most of the youth have dropped their academics while in either high school, college or universities due to drug abuse. Furthermore, professional employed workers addicted to drug abuse have found themselves being fired by their employers hence losing their jobs. Connors, G. J. , DiClemente, C. C. , Velasquez, M. M.  A primer of drug action: A concise nontechnical guide to the actions, uses, and side effects of psychoactive drugs, revised and updated.

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