Extinction of Polar Bears

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Therefore, this paper will focus on the extinction of the Polar Bear and how it is aligned with the worsening of the climatic condition and how they are victims of climate-induced habitat loss. Summary of the issue Based on research, Polar bears are considered to be one of the countless species that are endangered by the changes in the climatic condition. Their population has decreased significantly mainly as a result of the global warming as the number of polar bears has decreased to around 20,000 to 25,000 as of 2014, and it is estimated that within the next few years, this number will have reduced significantly. The fast reduction in the number of Polar bears can be attributed to the decrease in the habitats that the polar bears live.

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Polar bears live within the Arctic, and as of 1980, the total area or space of the Arctic was 8 million square kilometers, but as of 2011, the Arctic was at 4. Its habitat, which is the sea ice is being lost, and as such, the marine mammal has less and less habitat to spend its time in, which is within the sea (National Wildlife Federation 2018). In general, the polar bears are being impacted by climate change, and their numbers have reduced significantly, and it can be argued that the animals are in worry as they are reducing in number The current controversies and viewpoints of the competing interests The issue of the extinction of Polar bears has been discussed in general, with even the government of the United States coming into play to rescue the dying polar bears.

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In most studies, the extinction of the polar bears can be mostly attributed to the worsening climatic conditions that have seen a reduction in the sea ice. Over the years, however, there have been instances that despite the extinction of the number of polar bears, there are instances that people still hunt polar bears within the Arctic despite them being impacted by global warming. As such, this has stemmed brought about the controversies and competing viewpoints as to who is causing the extinction of this endangered species more, the global warming or the hunting of the animals across certain areas of the Arctic and even Northern Canada and Ireland. Sociological relevance. Every animal has a role to play within the natural course of nature, and as for the polar bears, they live within the Arctic and other cold areas, specifically maintaining the balance there with regards to aspects such as feeding, and other natural functions.

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However, with the reduction of the polar bears, this also creates an implication that even we as humans ought to take care since the size of ice within the world is reducing, which will mean a rise in the sea levels and relocation of people. The culture of people will be impacted, in that those people who live around the areas will have to adapt to new cultures that will see to it that the increasing causes or global warming factors do not impact them as well. The geography of this areas will also be impacted since there will be a shift in the environmental composition, with the region having less ice and facing high temperatures. References Anon. "Top 10 Most Endangered Species In The World.

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