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They are taught in school about only using the contemporary medicine. However, in this paper, we will see the different reaction of people of different ages if they understand the issue to do with modern and traditional medicine. Youths and less old people have a different approach to the importance of modern medicine to illness and diseases compared to ancient times. As you will see in this paper, they have entirely different views on traditional and modern medicine. We were tasked to go to a public place and ask some question to different people asking them on the usage of modern medicine and alternative medicine. Our primary objective was straightforward; we introduced ourselves to the interviewee informing them that where are students undertaking a project provided by our instructor at the school.

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Having introduced ourselves, we would then tell them of our sixteen questions that we had and if they are fine if we would continue to ask them. Having given way forward, we would then ask them the sixteen questions while we recorded the answers they have given us. This was recorded separately depending on the answered every person gave to us. Different people had different opinions depending on the questions that were answered I will analyses the interviewee acceptance of questions, the way they shut down the conversation, dodging of questions and the openness of answering the questions. The next person was a woman between the ages of 30 and 45 years old. She was very beautiful looking like she had just reached her 30s.

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Convincing her to talk to her was a difficult task as many ladies assume men to be “dogs” of which not all of them. However, after explaining to her, she confidently felt safe being with us, and we went straight to the interview. After informing her that I will ask the 16 questions she was much inpatient saying that they are too many. However, our questions were answered very briefly despite her say about providing knowledge to young people. It took us 11 minutes to interview her. She gave answers such as “Yes,” “No,” “I do not know” or even providing a number to questions that asked about it. Her answers were just direct to the point with no additional information about the question.

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The grandmother was so genuine in her answers despite not being open in answering her question to add any additional information that we may require about the question. However, this did not affect her from expressing herself on issues to do with modern and alternative medicine. The grandmother and the managed around 47 years were welcoming and were never worried about them answering our questions. They were calm while answering the question expressing what they feel about our question. None of the dodged our question and the answered them depending on the questions we asked despite the lady answering in a hurry. Generally, I used between 10 minutes and 13 minutes to answer the questions of three interviewees. The young generation does not even have enough information regarding the ancient treatment of illness and disease such as the traditional method this coincided with the research provided that 50 to75 percent of the Latinos use the traditional healing practices.

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