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Despite the critiques, that relates to phonocentrism, the language vests on the body expression. Most of the expressions take place through the body movements. For instance, people can observe the changes in the body movement to determine the events happening on the television, film or drama (Dirksen, et al. Just like any other language, the eloquence of sign language emanated from the gesture language. However, there is no specific writing system for gesture but it gives precise information to the handicapped. Apparently, poems, songs and drama cannot ignore the use of gesture in sign language. People can also learn the success of listening when they interpret all the gesture. For instance, they will take breaks and stop watching when the actors use appropriate gesture (Dirksen, et al.

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From this perspective, the use of body is crucial in communicating facts and information to the deaf population. It is also important to note that deaf American scholars borrow the ideas from both the mainstream American culture and deaf American. According to the research, the structure of ASL changed; many artists have come on board with different innovations (Dirksen, et al. Currently, some of the ASL texts are performed live but remain unrecorded. In addition, some few artists have gained international recognition because of the video publications. However, it is difficult to trace the origin certain aspects of ASL. For instance, the history of ASL is difficult to trace because signed translations of poetry in written form existed many decades ago.

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The coding of American Sign Language took place in 20th century when the scholars decided to write songs, stories and poems in a special language. After that, there have been drastic changes in the recording of American Sign Language. For instance, the most recent form of ASL is that which takes part though the video. It is also important to note the deaf are able to tell stories, write poems and other artistic works by the use of the sign language. The advancement in the technology widens the language because the deaf performers can produce films and share them with other people from all the countries in the world. Factors that led to the emergence of ASL ASL Literature came into existence when the deaf population could not communicate to other people in the society.

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Initially, the communication of facts and historical preservations took place through story telling or written format. In this regard, the only people that benefited included those who could speak and read the literature. In addition, there was also a need to understand the lives of deaf people. They are normal human beings who could have social problems and other challenges. Despite the debate on the existence of this language, it is taking shape in the society. The main reason behind the introduction of sign language was to understand the needs of the deaf people. Currently, most of the facts and information passes from one-person to another using signs. Gesture plays a vital role in determining the success of the communication. America Sign Language takes place in face-to-face communication.

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