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Teachers can improve this by connecting the content taught with real-life experiences of students. For example, when a teacher is teaching the topic of muscles in biology, they can explain this by explaining what happens to the muscles when a student kicks a ball in when playing soccer. Another way is by guiding students to understand content in different perspectives. For example, the teacher can use numerous examples when explaining a concept like when explaining the concept of communication skills, they can demonstrate them in different ways by using verbal and non-verbal cues and hence the students get to understand well. Teachers can also use various learning styles and instructional strategies involving multiple ability levels. Using literature and publications provided by the school is also important.

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Lastly, they should plan instructional activities to aid various learning levels. Developing student work samples demonstrating application can aid this. Formal and informal observations can also be of help. The Teacher Creates and Maintains Learning Climate Teachers have to communicate high expectations. Teaching some content repeatedly can help slow learners understand the content well. Asking students questions on a personal level also helps a lot. Fostering mutual respect between students and teachers is achieved by the teachers respecting the students by avoiding the use of abusive language towards students e. g. when they do a mistake. Another concern is using instructions to facilitate higher order thinking. Using good samples or available model for students before the assignment can be of help in this area.

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The Teacher Assesses and Communicates Learning Results The teachers should issue the students with pre-assessments in order to check if they are understanding the concepts they have been taught up to the point they have reached. For example, they can issue the students with cats and quizzes in respective areas. Teachers should also use formative assessments and summative assessments. models, pictures and notes. They should also use this technology to help them in passing instructions to students. For example use of videos available on the internet to explain concepts in class. Teachers should also integrate student's use of technology into their curriculums. An example is allowing students use computers during class presentations. Teachers also need to grow on a professional level in order to improve ways in which they teach students and assess them.

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One example is to analyze data on the performance of students they have taught over the years and depending on their performance over the time, is able to tell whether his teaching skills have been helpful or not. He/she can then take necessary actions to improve performance and their professionalism. The Teacher Collaborates with Colleagues/parents/others Some students' learning can be enhanced by collaboration. It is the work of the teacher to identify this kind of students. Teachers should also analyze notes or written reflections from previous collaborative efforts. The can also go through copies of responses obtained from the groups involved in the collaborative effort. This way the can easily come up with ways to help improve things when it comes to collaborative effort.

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