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Patients in a long-term care facility are expected to be given the same treatment like that obtained by those who are not in these services. It is crucial for the staff in long to carry out harmonized activities to aid in ensuring that the children in the long term facility endeavor well in their physical, social, mental, and emotional events. The play is critical in children as it enhances their self-regulation, memory, and general academic achievement. Every child possesses exceptional capabilities as well as needs. For instance, a child suffering from cancer of the stomach may be a position to perform activities that entail a lot of movements more than a child suffering from a spinal bifida even if, they have dissimilar needs, and one of them may need more attention as compared to the other (Armstrong, Jackson & Hoffman, 2018).

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How long the children will need to be hospitalized from their injury depends on the severity of their trauma and how much treatment they require. Children may require rehabilitation so that they can improve the part of their body that is severely injured. Rehabilitation is an extended period where a child relearns abilities and skills he had before his injury. When it comes to cerebral palsy and diabetes, there are different surgeries, education, and monitoring for the family that the staff at the hospital performed. It depends on the severity of the injury of the child and how much treatment they need to determine how long the child will be in the hospital but some may spend their entire childhood there.

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The toys around the playroom will be categorized and stored in hard plastic bins. All age groups will be able to use these toy bins. The children will be allowed to play with others or independently. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is an excellent example for an indoor play toy. This toy should be used by toddlers or children in the early childhood stage. When children work on puzzles by deciding which piece goes where, they are improving their exceptional motor skills, unique relationships, and problem-solving skills. Problems can help with sibling and family interactions with the patient but also interactions with other children which will help with their social behavior and skills. A center for Legos and building blocks for children of all ages should be accompanied by flat surfaces like a table or floor mat when playing.

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Since small Legos can be dangerous for the younger children because of the choking hazard, they will play with regular sized Legos. The older children will have access to smaller Legos since there will be no danger of them consuming the Legos. Children love a lot of things, but outdoor playgrounds are on the top of the list and parents of the children know this. If it were up to children, they would play on the playground all day, every day. The best thing to do to increase the physical activity of a child is outdoor play. It can help with developing motor skills and their health. Armstrong, Jackson & Hoffman, J. If a child were to fall on the rubber material, he or she would not be hurt at all because of how thin the material is.

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This would not be the case for the cement and woodchips, so monkey bars area is a safe place for the children to play around. The monkey bars are also in a shaded area so the children will not overheat and the metal will not burn them if they were to touch it. I did not see any sharp edges or screws. There was no wear or tear on the monkey bars; they were in great shape for children to play on them. According to Hudson and Mack, middle childhood aged children will be using their already developed motor skills, stability, balance, axial stability, and transfer of weight. Slides At the playground, there were two slides that were made out of plastic material that was heavy duty.

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The children would use the slides when they were playing with others and when they wanted to be by themselves independently. The children would slide down or upon their bellies and bottoms. After observing, I understood that the senses that were being stimulated were touch, hearing, and sight. This will help them to think of different ideas. A study by Armstrong, Jackson & Hoffman (2018) indicates that it is difficult to describe an exceptional motor skill for either of the groups that could benefit them from directly the slide being used. Swings At the playground, there were regular swings and some baby swings. The material that made the swings was hard rubber for the seats that was connected to the metal chains. The metal chains went up to attach to the metal structure that holds everything together.

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