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The pursuit of happiness, as mentioned by many poets, drove the entrepreneurial spirit that defined the American free market economy and free society. Currently, the American Dream has drifted further away from what the Fore Fathers had conceived. A lot of people have interpreted the American Dream as a tool to get rich quick and mandatory homeownership among other political issues. A critical evaluation of Burning Dreams on the Sun by Michael Cleary and Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson will unveil the ideas, myths, and how specific individuals achieved the America Dream. The American Dream refers to the ideal by which individuals have an equal opportunity to achieve their highest aspirations and levels of happiness in the United States with the protection form the government and the free American society.

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For instance, the line “too foolish ever to dream again” implies that people should not feel ashamed of dreaming in their lives (Cleary 32). The statement showcases the need for people to brace themselves and try to pursue their ambitions to realize the American Dream. Interestingly, there exist many popular people who have succeeded in utilizing the available infrastructure, economic policies, and political environment to realize their American Dream. A good example includes the film actor Sylvester Stallone who came from a humble background and achieved his dreams against all odds. In his case, Sylvester Stallone developed some physical challenges due to the complication of his forceps during his birth. The desire to acquire happiness and fulfill other objectives in people’s lives represents the main feature that characterizes the American Dream.

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