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Remember, not in all circumstances but in majority of the movies. Arabs and Asians are associated mostly with business ventures. In the movie Old San Francisco line of action portrays a community that is in business. Jews are conservative, their roles surround their strong culture which does not blend easily with other cultures. No, from majority of these movies the minority cultures in America are not viewed as strangers this is clearly displayed in the Jazz Singer. Drug trafficking, carjacking, burglary. When you watch the movies its easy to point out this. A scene in a prison setting you will spot many African Americans than Arabs and Jews. This shows that African Americans are dishonest persons. The truth about this argument is a question for another discussion.

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Watching many films you will realize that there are some female actors who strongly take up roles that are different from the obvious good or bad girls. Yes, women act as pilots, engineers, criminals, martial arts experts. Women have taken the acting industry to another level with their unique and expert skills. Women have taken up roles equal to men. Remember they say what a man can do a woman can do better. Watching Underworld rural settings are tranquil. Crime is not as high as the city life, prostitution is null and void, petty crimes are not a common place moral standard is exemplary. Life in these places is wholesome. No much traffic, human population is low, less developed. In addition, Sunrise movie on a high scale rural setting will be considered morally superior to city life.

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Male supremacy plays out clearly. Women have often for many years taken up leadership roles in many spheres of life. Women have always been relegated to minor roles in the society. The question we should ask our selves what is the role of women in the society? What happened that Hillary Clinton did not win the Presidential election? The issue of sex and roles in any society goes back to ancient days and its a hard thing to go away. Women in most of this occasions tries to find out the whole issue whether a man real loves them or is just mere emotion that will disappear after intercourse. Silent moves do not have a big audience like those with jazz in them.

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For the interest of listening to music many people watch this movies. Music has been used as a powerful tool in art. Music brings out the emotion in a movie. Like the somber lyrics make people nostalgic. Composers get in harmony with the theme displayed in the moves. The The Jazz Singer movie is an exemplary to this theme. The Golden Age of Comedy: Compare the contrasting comic styles of Harold Lloyd (elaborate physical gags), Charlie Chaplin (slapstick mixed with sentimentality), and Buster Keaton (lack of emotion). Which of these styles is the most successful? Which is the most modern? Harold Lloyd (elaborate physical gags) has more comical presence for laughs just like Charlie Chaplin (slapstick mixed with sentimentality) as well as Buster Keaton (lack of emotion).

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