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It was opened in the year 2000 by the government of Victoria and became a project of the government to represent Museum Victoria. Museum Victoria was the administrator of the venue. Melbourne became the largest museum in Southern Hemisphere. The Museum contributes much to the urban condition of Melbourne. This is because it provides a place for study, culture, historical memories and society engagement. Other interesting animals are the bugs, insects all the way from red back to spiders. There is a beautiful live forest that is located right inside the museum and the bugs together with the insects wander around the forest. This beautiful scene also contains some species of wildlife that brings about a complete ecosystem. It is a mind exhibition since the wildlife and small animals creates emotions, thoughts and the memories of forest gallery (Schorch 97).

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There shops in the museum also which contain very unique books, games, crafts, souvenirs and artefacts which are scarcely found in any other part of the word. The opening of the Mandela Foundation exhibit on September 2018 will be intentional since it will be the same month when South Africa will be commemorating Nelson Mandela’s digital and physical achievements. It will actually be the 100th anniversary year of the birth of Nelson Mandela. The new exhibition will form a beautiful scene which according to the tour guides will be brought to life through rare artefacts and original amazing films, multimedia environments, sound and imagery that will enable visitors from all ages, countries, races, continents and people from different generations to appreciate and honor the legacy of this extraordinary African and World leader.

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The exhibition is also essential in commemorating, illuminating and sharing Mandela’s legacy with the whole world (McLean 205). In my visit to the Melbourne Museum, I managed to satisfy my curiosity of the features and fun that I had always read in books. The next section was amazing since it explored one of my favorite sections. There was a celebration of the fashion designers, industry luminaries and models in this section from 1960s up to today. I cannot forget the fame Lab that we visited after the model section in which we had a session with live scientists on stage. The session was full of true scientific stories, laughs and genius experiments (Delhey 69). My most anticipated section was the area with the exhibition of Nelson Mandela My Life.

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The artefacts preserved in the museum to show the ancient arts done by the indigenous ancestors of the Australians help in development of Australian since it does a comparison of the art with other country’s arts. In the section of live traditional dance by Australia ancestors, Australia culture is greatly promoted. The dance is so interesting that it also promotes patriotism among the citizenship. The indigenous Australian culture also gives Melbourne Museum a prestigious reputation. Conclusion Melbourne Museum is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere located in Australia. "Darker where cold and wet: Australian birds follow their own version of Gloger's rule. " Ecography (2017). Dennis, Rea. "River| Body| Walk: A Choreographic of Arrival. " Performance Paradigm 13 (2018): 118-133. Schorch, Philipp, Emma Waterton, and Steve Watson.

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