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Everybody knew that sneakers belonged to the players. Therefore, nobody except players could go for the sneakers in markets. However, due to the smartness of these feet-wares today, many people have converted them into much-coveted street-ware and gaudy in their daily lives. Currently, sneakers are available in most malls and shops to encourage people to purchase them at any time in contrary to the previous time where getting any stock was difficult. Therefore, Sneakers have undergone a long and lucrative history where sportsmen were the first ambassadors of this brand (Wood & Simon 13). What is the future of sneaker culture? iv. What contributes to the faster growth of sneaker culture? Research Methodology This research incorporates both primary and secondary sources of gathering information about sneaker culture. Secondary methodologies i) Articles Article by William O’ Connor on “How the world was conquered by Sneaker Culture” illustrated the historical evolution of Sneaker foot-ware and drives us in a clear understanding of this culture.

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More designs of sneakers with different colors first appeared on the streets of Rio then spread to other regions in the word. Efforts of companies making sneakers are illustrated and pointed out that they are ever busy stitching sneakers. ii) Interviews The researcher will organize interviews with some respondents in a sparsely populated area on specific questions then they respond to the questions asked by an interviewer. The researcher will use responses from interviewees to analyze the project. Research Obstacles This research is dependent on diversified sources of information. However, each source solely depends on the provider and accuracy remains a major challenge in accessing such information. For instance, interviewees give information depending on their personal perspectives and preferences for sneaker cultures. For instance, such people feel a lot of discomforts when they are in other types of shoes just the same way other people feel uncomfortable when they are with people from different tribes.

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The best way to address this controversy is to relate sneakers foot-ware as a way of life to make more people get the real picture of this culture. Importance of Sneaker culture research Sneaker culture addresses different people in different parts of the world. It relates frequent wearers of sneakers with a culture in their lives (Garcia 173). Since the idea of sneakers is common among people in different areas, it is easier to make the audience get a sense in this topic.  Journal of Culture & Retail Image 1. Bibliography This journal indicates the culture of men in sneakers. Caroline, the author, insists that men use sneaker shoes more than women. This journal also describes how use of sneakers came in existence. This enabled me understand culture in relation to sneakers. He developed an interest in the sneakers that made him feel to use them every now and then.

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This was the staring of his culture in developing in culture. The Daily Beast.  How Sneaker Culture Conquered the World. online] Available at: https://www. This helps me understand how street population developed sneaker habit from players who used it on the streets. Wood, Simon, and Simon Wood.  Sneaker Freaker: The Book 2002-05:" the Most Definitive Sneaker Culture Mag on the Planet". Penguin, 2005. Bibliography This book explains how sneaker culture can be managed.

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