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It accompanies a number of orchestral, instrumental and choral pieces timed to begin and end at specific points of the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene in progress, as well as move the audience from one world of imagination to the other. Film scores in all moves are greatly related to the general narrative story of any movie as explained in this report. Film scores compose of a huge variety of music styles, depending on the nature of the film in which they are to be used. Film scores have developed with adverse improvements since 1890’s in the silent era where film music was produced by each individual theater, where music was played as films were being acted, to the current era referred to as kitchen sink in 1990 where films can today incorporate any imaginable music genre.

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To illustrate clearly the relationship between film score and narrative story, we examine the relationship between the sound tracks and the narration of the story in three films from The Trilogy Scores namely Star Wars, the Lion King and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. This will require a change in tune of the background music, in order to change the audience’s level of concentration so that they may notice the sudden change in expected outcomes in the scene. This would be match hard to acquire with an even background since the narration of the story may be far catching to the audience, making them fail to understand. A good example is clearly brought out in The Lord of Rings Trilogy.

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After many years the Hobbits have gained peace and Wizard Gandalf has come to celebrate Bilbo’s 111th birthday. The party is seen to be an extravagant occasion as Bilbao is entertaining the children with adventurous tails he has experienced, there is however an ironic sudden change in the middle of the speech, Bilbao puts on the ring which makes him invisible and then vanishes into his room. Certain melodies bring into clear the heroism, excitement or other characters that are depicted by the various actors in the movie. This helps understand the role of this specific characters in the narration story. A good example is the tone played after Luke Skywalker has experienced his boyhood home burnt down into ashes, he bravely and boldly walks into the battlefield to revenge for the actions that have just taken place in his home.

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The tune played as he walks depicts his courageous and heroic nature and force, as he does not relent despite what has been done to him by his enemies. He is still ready to face them. Emotions such as love, sadness can only be illustrated by melodies which illustrate the same feelings to enhance easy understanding. Lack of such tunes makes the narration stale and even, thus leading to boredom. This makes the narration lose taste, thus making most of the audience lose concentration and fail to follow the narration, especially when it is a series, thus making it fail to reach its expected number of target viewers and rating. This even makes the movie lose its market value. Music also helps connect scenes during narration.

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A good example is The Lord of Rings Trilogy that is based on imaginations of past kingdoms. These movies require to use imaginable beings, to clearly indicate their imaginations and make them appear as true beings which existed at one time or will come to exist. To do this, various sound tracks will need to be adopted, to make such beings appear like true beings in the eyes of the audience. This sound tracks corrupt the minds of the audience, and take them into an imagination world, which seems as the true world according to the audience. This makes human beings associate the imagined beings with having the ability to do extra ordinary things as they do in the movie. When suspense has been created, the film director can easily end the specific episode at such point, to ensure that the audience is anxious to watch the next part.

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