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There are adverse health complications that are associated with tobacco and alcohol consumption such as increased infection rates, overall body weakness and a lack of coordination. When these tobaccos are consumed in excess proportions, it is likely that the individuals consuming them will suffer from alcohol and tobacco-related injuries. I believe that tobacco and alcohol use should be made illegal to reduce the adverse health effects, cases of injuries and deaths as well as the high crime levels in society. Adverse Health Effects of Excessive Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption Current research indicates that alcohol and tobacco have negative effects on major body organs such as the heart. According to Rogeberg (355), excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption have been linked with increased heart attack rates and higher heart rates, collapsed veins and increased infection rates.

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Injuries and Deaths as a result of excessive Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption Individuals who misuse tobacco and consume alcohol and tobacco in high proportions are likely to be involved in car accidents. Information provided by the World Health Organization indicates that tobacco addicts and alcoholics are more likely to succumb to death through homicides or suicide (Zoorob & Salemi 8). It is estimated that 25% of the reported deaths are linked with excessive tobacco and alcohol consumption. If unregulated, excessive tobacco consumption is linked to injuries and deaths. More than 70,000 tobacco overdoses were reported within the United States in 2018. A legislative framework to ensure that tobacco is illegal is also a strategic move in the society to reduce the level of crime in a society that is committed by addicts, tobacco abusers instead of being economically productive (Derek 1809).

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Making tobacco illegal will also strengthen the laws that are meant to protect the public from crime to ensure that teenagers are not exposed to alcohol at an early age. The FDA and the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group (CTAG) have outlined research priorities to accelerate the end of smoking “(DEREK 1808). ” Legalization has also failed to work in the United States of America. In the 1970s, Alaska voted to make tobacco legal. Accordingly, regulatory mechanisms and not prohibition should be applied in tobacco control. Critics of prohibition have also argued that laws against alcohol and tobacco are likely to the inclusion of toxic substances which are packaged and marketed in the form of alcohol or tobacco. As such, it is important for progressive policies that do not involve making tobacco illegal to be put into place to avoid a situation where a black market is created for alcohol and tobacco distribution.

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