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Naturally, the impact on an individual victim and the entire community depends on various factors such as race and the nature of the crime or the crime’s environment (Turvey, 2014, p. In 1985, Davidson and Thomas were fatally shot and murdered in a robbery in Birmingham, Alabama. Thomas Vason and John Davidson were both working in different fast food restaurants in the Birmingham area (Johnson, 2015). Davidson Vason was an employee at Southside Mrs. Winners. Hilton’s mother. Bullets from the murders were examined by state forensic examiner who testified that the bullets came from the revolver. In contrast, evidence from time card and testimony of co-workers of Hilton showed that he was at a warehouse 15 miles at the times of both shootings (Johnson, 2015).

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According to Turvey (2014), Hilton had no previous history of any crime. Anthony Ray Hilton is of African-American origin from Alabama. Moreover, the possibility of seeking assistance from agencies and organizations supporting victims is less. This is due to marginalization and deprivation or simply not been aware of the agencies and the required procedures. Anthony Ray Hilton was of African-American origin and came from a poor background, which worked solely against him as the main prosecutor had documented racial history bias. The prosecutor examined the six bullets from two separate shootings concluding to testify that he could say that Hilton was guilty and “evil” by his appearance (Geller, 2014, p.  107) Hilton did not have enough money to hire a lawyer hence he was appointed to one who had limited knowledge.

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In a conversion with a TV station after being released from prison, Hilton said that the white police who carried him to jail told him he did not care whether he did it or not; he will pay the price for it. Hilton questioned how that was possible when he did nothing. The police replied that on the account he is black, he will have a white attorney, a white judge and more than probably a white jury and finally a predetermined conviction for property theft (Johnson, 2015). Victim/Offender Relationship Victims, offenders, and communities are crime victimization stakeholders (Gould, 2014, p.  17) an offender refers to a person who causes hurt, pain, annoy, and violates other people. The components of the method are space, law, victim geography, time, and offender.

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The components altogether entail a criminal case (Turvey, 2014, p. Effects Victimization of crime victims have numerous social, psychological, and emotional effects on the victims. Some of these effects are short-term while others are long-term. Hilton was sentenced to death row for a crime he knew nothing about, only to be declared innocent after nearly 30 years in prison (The guardian, 2017). Hilton says he has lived with a sense of humor of his mama dying, being buried, and had no chance to say goodbye (Johnson, 2015). Living with the guilt of not being there for his mother is a long-term effect. Perceptions Media plays an essential role in society. However, the media has both its good and ugly side when it comes to representing victims of crime and criminal justice.

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Thus, victimization is common in social media at times with victim blaming. The state court provided an attorney for him. In addition, he could not hire a firearm expert, whereby the attorney representing him had chosen one. After more than twelve years of litigation, Hilton was represented through the services of Equal Justice Initiative (Faulk, 2015). The Equal Justice Initiative involved experts of firearms that testified that the bullets could not match to the revolver of Hilton's mother. Some of the services that were not available to Hilton in the first substandard representation were police-based victim services, volunteers and non-governmental organizations services and system based victim services (Geller, 2014, p. Social Change State prosecutors did not dispute or question the state expert who examined the bullets in the first trial in 1985 (Johnson, 2015).

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In addition, the prosecutor due to racial bias could not see through the appearance that Hilton was "evil”. In 2002, state defense experts of ballistics firearms testimony contradicted the earlier testimony of an inexperienced civil engineer (Faulk, 2015). Alabama state prosecutors are now in lame light to ensure they do a thorough investigation of crime victims and offenders. Moreover, examining crime scene evidence is also required to ensure that real offenders are arrested and brought to book by involving highly trained and none bias forensic experts.  M. (n. d. National Crime Victimization Survey: Criminal Victimization, 2005. PsycEXTRA Dataset. Enhancing Police Integrity, 83-109. Gould, J.  B. Wrongful Convictions in the United States. Oxford Handbooks Online. , & Haberfeld, M.  R. (n. d. The Charleston, South Carolina, Police Department.

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