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Thus, in the social science category, there is the urge to understand people via means such as trying to research on their general principles. A psychologist will always seek to understand those mental functions of the brain such as emotion, perception as well as personality (Ariely, 2013). More so, he or she attempts to understand social behaviors as observrd in cases like interpersonal relationships, family as well as psychological resilience. Therefore, in my discussion, I will give an overlook of how this social and mental processes have an effect on me by laying out key features such as the forms of relativism, the forms of absolutism, approaches to ethics, how the Bible has a simple approach to ethics and whether the approaches should be integrated. Relativism Relativism is usually taken to be the idea that all views are subject to a difference in perception as well as consideration. This means that a view is restricted to having its own individual view as opposed to universal truth that is objective. For instance, in the case of morality, it differs from one person to the other, from culture to another culture and as one moves from one situation to another situation. Thus, what you perceive to be right is actually right according to you, though this can be subject to change when another day dawns. This leads us to the different forms or types of relativism. To start with is the anthropological relativism whereby a researcher tries to suspend any cultural biases as he ir she tries to understand the values and beliefs in the local context.

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In the Biblical perspective, the Ccatholic Church has defined relativism to mean the most significant problems that surround the morals as well as faith of today. Theologians proceed to state that relativism is a denial of absolute truth that in one way or the other can lead to a denial of the possibility of sin and of God. In the most common definitions, there exists the cultural or ethical relativism which usually determines the values that an individual should possess. Likewise, conventionalism as another form usually gives a clear and better understanding of relativism by claiming that cultural acceptance usually determines morality. This further leads to situation ethics where morality is defined by the situation at hand although it goes ahead to show that in thick and thin of all situations, we ought to bear in mind the virtue of love.

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This is due to the moral diversity that lies amongst cultures. A case example lies where murder is believed to be a vice thus strongly opposed but cannibals neglect this idea as they do not see any wrong doing in it thus for them, war is a justifiable homicide. Hitler was also taken to be consistent with his beliefs despite the slavery that he was inflicting on people, thus dehumanizing them. Absolutism It refers to the idea that there exists a moral system that is universal and valid to all and sundry, irrespective to whether or not they are in the know. Thus, moral rules do not exemt anyone. On the other hand, virtue approaches to ethics encouraged all scholars and citizens to place much attention to the condition of humankind by placing human life at a very high level.

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Ulitarian approach to ethics bases its argument on the most proper course of action so as to bring about some positivity such as happiness to the welfare of a person. Thus, according to the theory, action that is deemed to be morally correct is one that gives the best possible outcome to all bound to be affected by the action. In my own opinion, I prefer the virtue approach to ethics which places the life of humankind at the highest level of consideration. This is because correlating knowledge with virtue brings about joy since a truly wise man will strive to do what is good. Sep 01). More than a peacock's tail.  Business Today, Retrieved from https://search. proquest. com/docview/1425780535?accountid=45049 Demuijnck, G. Speakers call for upholding professional ethics by Medical Profession and Pharma Industry.

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Pulse International, 17(1), Pulse International, Jan 15, 2016, Vol. Singer, A. Integrating Ethics and Strategy: A Pragmatic Approach. Journal of Business Ethics, 92(4), 479-491.

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