Lab Report on Prejudice on Immigrant

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Some groups are considered higher than the others. Therefore, the higher groups have access to more resources than the lower groups. The right-wing authoritarians believe that the existence of an out-group will contribute to the erosion of traditional social standards. The report will be obtained from the data obtained from 4000 Canadian university students and 2600 parents. Interview questions and questionnaires will be used to collect data. Oreopoulos created resumes with identical content but varied the names of the applicants. He sent the resumes to the job postings (Oreopoulos, 2011). He found that the applicants with English names were invited for interviews than those with non-English sounding names. The lab report focuses on the extensive studies on the social dominance orientation (SDO) and the right-wing authoritarianism.

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The report will be based on a small group of the population who performs well in both SDO and right-wing authoritarianism. Some social determinants like opportunities, income disparities contribute to the forms of discriminations that exist in the society today. Inequality happens in all forms of life. For instance, the economic inequality focuses on the opportunities people will access for their economic progress and success (Oreopoulos, 2011). The legal perspective of social dominance, however, tends to advocate for the equality of all people in the society. According to research, the right wing authoritarians believe that authorities have the abilities to sanction aggression. The participants read a job posting for a Mutual Funds Project Associate that was posted by RBC. The posting indicated that the successful candidate was expected to have completed either a BA or BS with concentration in business economics finance and marketing.

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The candidate was also expected to have basic knowledge of the financial markets and should be conversant with the usage of Microsoft word and the excel spreadsheets. The successful candidate was expected to play certain key roles for the organization. The roles include growth, risk management and support. For ethical considerations, students with a single parent were asked to take the survey sheet to an aunt or uncle depending on the gender of the single parent. The first step in the data collecting information is the administration of interviews. The interviews targeted the black and the Asian students. For instance, interviews were conducted with the black and Asian students who were looking for the employment opportunities. The interviews provided the best opportunity to explore the subjective interpretations of the names and their influence on the rate of being called to the interviews.

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The participants were selected randomly from the list in the universities' records. Each interview started with general questions to ensure that the participants are well fit for the study (Oreopoulos, 2011). The second phase of the interview used tape recording to ensure that all the responses of the participants were recorded in a 30-minute session at the time appropriate to the participant. Results The results that were obtained through the filling of the optical scan sheets show that there exists discrimination in the employment and internship opportunities. The differences between the English sounding names and the non-English sounding names demonstrated a high degree of prejudice and discrimination in the labor markets across North America. The names affect employability; the individuals with English names are likely to get more employment opportunities than those with non-English names.

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