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This is the original work of Bradbury. This book contains actual texts on the novel. Main ideas have been expressed through descriptions and use of direct quotes. This book will help me to understand the original work and give me the opportunity to write my literary analysis without other people’s opinions. Though the book was written in the 1950s, it’s very crucial for my research topic because it will provide quotes for my essay, and also because there is no better source on Fahrenheit 451 other than the actual original work. This book examines the work of Bradbury and offers criticisms on the original work. The main ideas have been expressed all through the subtopics. The book not only brings into account the work of Bradbury but also brings into account the work of various celebrated authors.

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These concepts are beneficial in explaining the original work Fahrenheit 451 and offering literary judgments. The book is very good for beginners who haven’t read Fahrenheit 451. , and William F. Touponce. Ray Bradbury: the life of fiction. Kent State University Press, 2004. This book examines the life of fiction stories and how people have been carried away by these stories. This source is different from other sources because it focuses on the stylistic devices and the meaning they contain. This is going to be a vital source of my research work in analyzing Fahrenheit 451. Frenning, Henric. "Burning the Good Book: Religion and ideology in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. This article was published in Lund University Libraries, making it a credible academic source. This is an incredible source which will be useful to my research topic because it will be a guide in analyzing the novel.

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McGiveron, Rafeeq O. "What “Carried the Trick”? Mass Exploitation and the Decline of Thought in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. " Extrapolation 37. The article criticizes the interesting dichotomy in Fahrenheit 451 where the author tries to show that there is a gap in the message the author tries to send, the message the readers receive in the novel and the message the texts support. "Banned books: A study of censorship. " The English Journal 86. This journal examines the mains themes portrayed in Fahrenheit 451 by giving very basic information which is detailed in a writing style that can be understood by a wide audience. The journal is from a library, giving it the academic authority and it will be helpful in my research topic because it explains each part of Fahrenheit 451, putting the themes and stylistic features into perspective.

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The source has an accurate and detailed summary that will be very vital in the formulation of my own summary. " English Studies International Research Journal 3. This is a journal which focuses on science fiction by exploring the novel, Fahrenheit 451. The authors have gone in depth to explain the symbolism behind the dystopian traditions explored by Bradbury in the Fahrenheit 451. This journal is indispensable to anyone researching on Fahrenheit 451, because it is up-to-date and also the fact that its analysis each novel's part well showing what each part symbolizes. This journal will be useful for my research topic because it contains essential information. The author explores main themes in Fahrenheit 451 and how they are related to the American society. I find this source very useful in relating the themes on the novel to today’s society.

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