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The assault has been more often in schools than in the society. In his article, Abdul (001) children in the U. S are the most affected group as their fellow schoolmates as they repeatedly refer them as terrorists. The victims of this act of Islamophobia mostly being members of Islamic religion have been reported to be seriously assaulted by the residents of the U. S which results to vital impacts of the well-being of the Muslims in the country. Anti-Islamophobia was formed to ensure safety and survival of Muslims young ones who are most affected by discrimination. In every region, peace is a vital dimension that needs to be integrated consistently in pedagogical processes and principles. Peace aims at contributing critical understanding of the sources of violence, conflicts, and dissatisfaction.

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It cultivates and stimulates attitudes and values that encourage social action for developing more peaceful society Rotterdam (219). It is due to these events that Muslims and other peace motivator groups supported the idea of anti-islamophobia. In this process, both barriers and motivations intermingle to enhance participation thus the higher the individuals are motivated the better the barriers are overpowered. On the other hand mobilization support refers to the ways in which people in the society are can be mobilized hence they must have the positive attitude towards a specific social movement which includes the goals and the means of the movement. According to Klandermans (12), means is referred to as the willingness to be involved I unusual political behaviors. By referring to attribute it also potential mobilization is said to be a group of identical people with specific common goals.

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Dirk Oegema (3) the mobilization potential sets limits in which mobilization campaigns can pass. It draws people and individuals from Black, Brown and Muslim individuals and groups. The common contention being the threats they assumed from other people, the groups had to engage in a collective action that upholds the variety of activities proceeded. A limited number of commendable innovations in actions of contentious appeared each time. They first had to get authorities to have their movement allowed to participate in all regions of the U. S. Secondly, qualitative studies are determined by readers who are quantitatively oriented based on quantitative contents. In order to make a decision to be made the canons of various qualitative are researchers are considered hence modifications have to be done if need be for redefinition match the realities in research and complexities of social movement phenomena.

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Strauss (4) this information obtained during research must adhere to the following in order for choices to be made: consistency, observation compatibility, and generalization, precision and productivity. This data has to verify for validity, confidentiality, and relevancy. To understand the structure of social movement we will understand and reinforce the relationship between structural characteristics of social movements the goals of the movement, forms, and their action. Tufyal Choudhury (44) The level of attendance in elections of the Muslims has been low. This has been influenced by younger Islam people of their communities due to higher level of economic degradation and social relations because they grow and live in towns. Tufyal Choudhury (45) argues that raised levels of political intrusion and civic engagement has caused religious and ethical mobilization and therefore has been criticized.

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This has been said to have resulted to high turnouts for the support of non-ideological political candidates in both electoral and religious communalism instead of supporting community leaders who have the ability to retrieve concessions and accommodate Muslims. This led to the idea of Anti-Islamophobia to dismiss Muslim discrimination. As evident words can influence the way people think or view thing hence wrong word gives ideas. The motion though good and had benefits to the Canadian people was not implemented, this act has contributed to declining of Anti-islamophobia movement since feel unsupported even by the government. It is the role of government to eliminate racism, unjust and religious discrimination and even take data and analyze hate offence and other related crimes in the society.

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In this the Canadian government did not take their responsibility in eliminating this issues. this has contributed much to the decline of social movements in particular Anti-islamophobia movement, Gunter 2. But, the movement helped many young Muslims from being bullied by their fellow schoolmates and the act of Islamophobia sopped from being publicly practiced though still, it did not fully end. Conclusions Commonly, individuals and groups normally aim to pursue or achieve their goals or attain relief from a certain critical hardship in their effort. They tend to urge to inherit the institutions not challenging their legitimacy. In some occasions, a group of people may pool all their efforts by uniting all actions in order to benefit jointly not just themselves or families Oberschall, 3.

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