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The explained scenario is brought about by many factors as it will be explained in this essay. Antibiotic resistance has become a pressing issue across the entire world since almost every type of bacteria is becoming stronger than antibiotic designed to combat it. An additional reason why antibiotic resistance has raised a medical concern across the entire world is that antibiotic –resistance disease-causing organisms spread faster than normal bacteria. The primary reason why bacteria become resistant to an antibiotic is alterations that occur to bacteria which in turn reduces responsiveness and effectiveness of drugs, chemicals or other agents designed to prevent a specific ailment. When a bacteria become resistant to drugs, it survives within the host organism multiplying quickly and causing more harm to the host.

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The evolved type of bacteria cannot be acted upon by the antibiotic since it has already developed immunity against the antibiotic that was initially designed to mitigate its effects (Smith, Rachel. , Nkuchia. & Andrew, 313). Exposure to antibiotics provides a well-defined means that turns a surviving bacteria more likely to resist the effect of antibiotics. Additionally, a bacterium that was at one time prone to the effect of antibiotics acquires resistance to antibiotics through mutation of their genetic material. An incomplete dosage of antibiotics makes the diseases causing organism acclimatize the existence of low of medications of antibiotics leading to formation of a population that is total resistance to antibiotics irrespective of the dosage. In summary instances of antibiotic resistance as noted in above sections of the essay are elevated by six major reasons that are; over and under prescription of antibiotics, patients lack to finish a dosage, overuse of antibiotics in agriculture, poor hygiene and sanitation and absence of new antibiotics.

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Over the years there has been a misuse of antibacterial medicine by people and also in the food and agricultural sectors making the drugs that are being manufactured to become resistant to bacteria. The main reasons can be attributed to countries that do not have a policy regarding the use of antibacterial medicine as people can order the medicine anyhow over the counter or if they are given a dosage they do not finish all the tablets. The first alternatives that can be used to prevent antibacterial resistance are by observing general cleanliness and hygiene which is supposed to ensure that people are not infected by the bacteria and in turn, it would reduce the rate of passing resistant infections to others (Lu & James, 4629).

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Bacteriocins are many and they are named after the bacteria that they kill because their development is based on a particular genus or species designations (Joerger, 640). Predatory bacteria are also some of the alternative methods that have been used in the fight against bacteria resistant. The predatory bacteria are developed to attack the bacteria that are present in the human body without harming the body cells and they can also be mistaken as phages. The predatory bacteria have been termed as “living antibiotics” because they are injected into the body to attack the bacteria and after they are done they are easily gotten rid off by the body. Endo- or exolysins are antimicrobials that are used to control the spread of bacteria in the body by degrading the bacterial host from within making it easy to treat using the antibiotics that are available in the market.

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