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Drug or substance abuse is among the serious problems that are facing the society; many young people are more affected as compared to older or aged individuals ("NIH Fact Sheets - Drug Abuse And Addiction. Drug abuse often leads to drug addiction, an aspect that could affect an individual’s life pattern. Identifying the causes, effects, and suggesting solutions to drug abuse can help prevent severe problems such as addiction and its related consequences. In Dr. Jeykell and Mr. Hyde's Essay, The Strange Case Of Addiction, Drug addiction is depicted as a strange aspect, the major character Dr. Jeykell, engages in drug abuse as a way of trying to have two lives and what follows are devastating consequences both to him and the people around. Therefore, Prevention of drug abuse in the best way of preventing similar incidences. Three phenomena characterize addiction: Craving, intoxication and positive, and withdrawal/negative effects. Reinforcement and impulsivity dominate the first stage pushing the individual to seek drugs ("American Phycology Association" 2). The above phenomena drive the characters in The Strange Case Of Addiction to engage in a cycle of substance abuse. Hyde starts it as an experiment, a factor that relates to several real-life cases. What follows is the need to engage in the habit with increased frequency, probably due to the positive feelings that the drug or the substance gives to the user. It can be appropriate to say that simple experimentation of these substances as seen in the essay by Dr; Hyde could lead to the routine development and eventually addiction.

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Drug addiction can harm the body in several ways. Drugs are chemicals; the fact that there are various types of drugs implies that they have a different chemical structure that could have devastating effects on the body. Consuming a variety of drugs could add to the complications that the substances could have on the body. There are possibilities of permanent damage to the brain and the body that cannot be reversed even after one has successfully fought the addiction ("American Phycology Association" 1). Inhalation, injection, and ingestion are some of the various ways that modern-day youths apply so drugs can enter their body. The drugs target the reward system either directly or indirectly by flooding it with dopamine, a neurotransmitter whose responsibility is to regulate emotion, movement, motivation, cognition, and feelings of pleasure.

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  He is, therefore, a threat to the people around him. A second scenario is when Hyde knocks over a young girl and then runs through the street (Stevenson 3). Such an event indicates an aspect of violence. The situation could have been different if he were not drunk. He later kills a man called Carew (Stevenson 19-20). Several factors contribute to drug addiction. Some of these factors could combine to put an individual at risk. One of the factors includes genetics. The American Psychological Association suggests that Genes are important in addiction and could contribute to an individual’s half chances of getting addicted ("American Phycology Association" 1). One of the elements of genetics is the addictive personality, kind of persons who are likely to find pleasure in doing things repeatedly, a factor that could lead to addiction.

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Many young people also engage in drug abuse as an adventure (Stevenson). Curiosity can be one of the driving factors that push individuals to engage in drugs. Peer influence is also to blame for the high number of drug and substance abusers in contemporary society ("NIH Fact Sheets - Drug Abuse And Addiction. Many young people consider taking of drugs as a fashionable activity ("National Institute On Drug Abuse (NIDA). Peer pressure can be manifested in kids and youths. Seeking assistance from mental illness experts is also recommended as a way of helping an individual to cope up with life challenges that could lead to drug addiction. It is also essential for one to conduct a self-examination concerning the biological, genetical, physical, and environmental risks that could lead to drug abuse and eventual addiction.

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In conclusion, drug addiction is a serious problem because its implications are a threat to the well-being of the addict and the general society. The essay presents scenarios of drug addiction that are similar to the contemporary world. It is essential that individuals, government, academic institutions, and health practitioners come up with a comprehensive strategy that will help address the issue of drug abuse. gov/. NIH Fact Sheets - Drug Abuse And Addiction. Report. Nih. Gov, 2018, https://report.

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