Benefits of banning cigarette smoking in public places

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Nevertheless, cigarette smoking is very harmful to health and causes dangerous impacts on the human body system. Tobacco smoking causes over 2 million deaths in every year, and most of the deaths are caused by the exposure of the cigarette smoking to the non-smokers. Smoking of the cigarette affects the health of the smokers and the non-smokers and has led to the rising cost of mitigating its impacts felt by the members of the public. Despite such harmful impacts some of the countries permit smoking of the cigarettes in bars, clubs and some of the smoke zones set by the government. This paper seeks to explain the benefits of banning cigarette smoking in public places. These butts leach chemical referred to as the cadmium, arsenic and lead into the water environment.

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This affects the lives of the aquatic animals. If the smoking is restricted the littering of such butts will no longer be a big deal, and therefore the environment will be healthier and cleaner to everyone and everything (Nan,et al,2016). By banning of the cigarette smoking in public places, it will lead to the smokers to smoke less since they are only allowed to smoke in their homes. This means that when they are out like when they are in the workplace, parks, restaurant or any other public places, they can’t smoke hence limiting the number of cigarettes they burn. Tobacco has chemical call nicotine and a carbon monoxide gas that is very reactive when it gets to the bodies of the smokers and the non-smokers.

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The concern of the public health has been of greater concern due to the rise of the cigarette smoking. This is portrayed by the evidence released to the public by the health expert on the impacts and some of the illness related to smoking (Geller et al, 2015). The members of the public continuously breathe in the secondhand smoke which is extremely dangerous to their health. It put the health of the non-smokers at risk without their consent hence making them vulnerable to diseases like lungs cancer, throat problems, breathing problems, emphysema among other health problems (Geller et al, 2015). Banning of the smoking in the public domain sends the message to the peoples that the government mind about their welfare and that the government discourages peoples from using the cigarette (Brathwaite et al, 2015).

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Therefore, if the smoking is restricted in the public domain, it will give the citizens the view that the health care is very crucial and also the view that the government values their health so much. Therefore, the citizens will be reminded of how to live a very healthy lifestyle. Banning of the smoking in the public domain will discourage the non-cigarette users from joining the smokers or from starting to smoke. Individuals will not get tempted to smoke since they are aware that smoking is very addictive, and if the smoking is not permitted in public, then they will suffer from the severe addiction to nicotine which is found in the cigarette. Therefore several teenagers start smoking due to the influence from those who are around them.

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Cigarette smoking should be banned in public since it is main causes of the preventable diseases as well as several premature deaths globally. Lung diseases and cancer has been the cause of several deaths globally. If the ban is enforced, this diseases outbreak will be reduced. By banning the cigarette smoking in the public places, the government will be in a position to enhance the healthy lifestyle to its citizens and protects every individual from every disease and reduces the occurrence of the deadly diseases like lung cancer and heart failure. Geller, A. C. , Rees, V. W. , & Brooks, D. , Shadmehr, M. B. , & Fadaizadeh, L. A qualitative study on a 30-year trend of tobacco use and tobacco control programmes in Islamic Republic of Iran/Etude qualitative de l'evolution du tabagisme et des programmes de lutte antitabac sur 30 ans en Republique islamique d'Iran.

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