ICT and the future of higher education

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To answer and analyze the impacts of ICT in future education, the following articles will be used in the research. Akbar, M. Digital technology shaping teaching practices in higher education. Frontiers in ICT, 3, 1. The research analyzes digital technology is modeling the teaching processes of educators in tertiary education. T. , Rawekar, A. T. , Quazi, N. Z. , Mohammadi, H. M. , & Rezvanfar, A. Information and communication technology (ICT) in higher education: advantages, disadvantages, conveniences, and limitations of applying e-learning to agricultural students in Iran. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 152, 300-305. Teaching and learning with mobile technology: A qualitative explorative study about the introduction of tablet devices in secondary education. PloS one, 10(12), e0144008. The paper investigates the perception of students and teachers regarding the effect of application of ICT (tablet devices) while learning and teaching.

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Outcomes from this article explain that introduction of tablet in a learning centers has effect on teaching and learning processes. According to this research, teachers are categorized in two groups: instrumental teachers (those using the device a book that is not really required in a class) and innovative teachers (those shifting to learning-centered approach from the teacher-centered approach by changing their teaching style through transforming lessons due to the advantages provided by the tablets). It will explain why teachers and students should integrate and adopt ICT. The relevance of this article to the project is that it clearly explains how technology has modernized and changed teaching and learning processes. Cox, M. J. Formal to informal learning with IT: research challenges and issues for e‐learning.

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International Journal of Information and Computation Technology, 4(5), 513-518. This article explains education as an instrument that is essential for social and economic transformation. The research which was conducted in India and it shows how higher education is undergoing major transformation in terms of quality and access among other things. ICT is one of the influences of the swift developments in higher education where it considered to have profound implications in the entire education process especially in terms of the quality required. This research will help the researcher in realizing the opportunities and challenges that are encountered when integrating ICTs in institutions providing higher education currently and the future scenario. Due to emergence of technology, many universities are shifting from traditional ways of teaching by trying to offer internet access to their students and also by embracing the digital teaching approaches.

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This has caused a profound transformation in higher education where there has been a striking change in institutions that are using technology. Also in a research conducted by Montrieux, Vanderlinde, Schellens, & De Marez, (2015), the found out that by increased access of personal computers by students the practice and study environments for students has changed too. In a research conducted, students using computers as part of their curriculum have increased ability to acquire and use information in solving problems faster and efficiently during their studies compared to students who are not using technology (Talebian, Mohammadi, & Rezvanfar, 2014). Although many students use technology majority don’t know the disadvantages associated by technology and so they end up misusing it, getting unreliable information due to lack of adequate knowledge required in research (Pegu, (2014).

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