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XML 3. JSON Run the microservice. py, if you are in a Linux box make sure to make the script executable by changing the mode with the chmod command. The development the server will be running on port 8000 on the localhost, go to the browser of choice and enter the URL 127. 1:8000 or localhost: 8000. Application and Data Storage Infrastructure Design Currently, there are many cloud platforms to choose from, thus the need for an organization to weigh its options before making the choice on which to use. When making this decision many factors come into play, for example, the type of application the organization wants to deploy, the cost of the service, plans, the type of infrastructure the business wants to use either platform as a service or infrastructure as a service.

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The cloud service market is currently dominated by IBM, Amazon web service, Microsoft Azure platform, Digital Ocean and many more. They all offer different cloud service packages, for example, IBM offers cloud foundry, bare metal servers, virtual private servers and many more. With all these options available for customers, it all comes down to preference and the cost of the service, as windows users tend to lean towards Microsoft Azure platform and Linux users prefer Amazon web service or IBM Cloud Infrastructure Strategy When implementing a cloud infrastructure strategy, one should consider some key aspect areas • The kind of architecture the organization should develop either on-site, cloud, or a hybrid • The financial muscle of the company. Javascript JSON and XML play major roles in integration as JSON and XML are the premier choice for transferring data between two applications.

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The network layer is greatly involved in Integration as this is the layer that allows communication between applications and systems. Integration Strategies 1. Shared database 2. Messaging 3. The communication between this to entities is asynchronous and occurs in real-time, implementing this type of integration is relatively simple but it does not offer reliability. RESTful Web Services This service offers a way in which other applications can communicate with the application in question, to achieve this one must build an application programming interface (API), this interface is the one that communicates with other services or application. Take for example online payment gateways, for a website to confirm if one has paid for the service about to be rendered the website requests the API of the payment gateway and the gateway will send back a response indicating the amount paid by the user.

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The underline the protocol used by restful services is HTTP, restful services employ four methods namely: 1. POST, send data to the server-side for storage. The picture below shows the client-side Ajax request used to make the restful services request, the first part describes when the file is loaded from the server side while the second part shows how the XML document is created and send to the server to be stored. Big companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter make use of restful service to run most of their services. Google Maps Mashup A Mashup is a web application that uses data from more than one source to create a new service and experience for the end-user, the content used in the mashup I code from third parties like in the case of Google maps, this type of content is offered via API.

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Mashup Principles 1. Offers services, not software packages. or authorized persons. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon offer cloud service, and these services are group into two: 1. infrastructure as a service 2. Platform as a service IBM offers infrastructure as a service, they give you a bare-metal server in which you can run your virtual servers, it also offers platform as a service, this is where by your given a virtual server already preconfigured in which you can run your restful services Another advantage of cloud services is that you will never get any downtime this is because you are guaranteed the data farm will always be connected to the internet. Many phones today make use of restful services to meet the computational needs of some applications take for example Google maps in most phones.

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