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The article conducted attests on dynamics of data collected and analyzed. The parameters found were related in their different models. The overall tests within the subject after analyzing the parameters and their influence, it was found that the driver parameter accounting for the lead time constant in driver model, had a direct relation to the subjective evaluation of the tyres. According to Serrà,et. al. A research case cannot solely rely on a person’s thoughts but also information from other sources. It is evident as provided by the two articles; even with their different fronts provide to ascertain their information and research and hence providing relevant information in their research. Being research articles, the utilization of the methodologies as well as secondary materials by the two articles implies the existence of a relating situation in the articles.

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Help by the articles to the project Looking at the two articles, it is prudent to ascertain their relevance towards undertaking the project and its presentation. Due to the aspect of no monopoly of knowledge, the scope of information that is covered by the articles cannot be written off as it has helped a lot in ascertaining their points. The authors have simplified this gesture and referenced their source of information that they have used along with their practical study and thus making the data valid. Also the information has been presented in an understandable and simple language promoting fairness in the reader’s understanding of the information. References Serrà, J. Corral, et al. "Measuring the Evolution of Contemporary Western Popular Music.

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