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The writer may at times present the protagonist to portray some weaknesses which they perfect through the story to emerge victoriously and save the day at the end of the film. Just like in other movies, the "Avatar" which is produced by James Cameroon utilizes the same concept which makes the film to be very exciting and rich in moral lessons. Despite being crippled, being disliked by the team he works with and the different choices he has to make in the line of duty, Jake Sully does not limit himself from undertaking what thrills his heart. It due to this reason that he takes a job that he knows nothing about and moves to Pandora and faces numerous disappointments where he finds a purpose in life by going against the team he works for to pursue love, companion and helps the Na'vi tribe to protect their planet.

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Jake Sully who is an ex-marine and who broke his legs in war takes up the work to move to Pandora in a task that he barely knows about. Though the main mission of the team is common, the different members of the team do not show compassion to him making him feel disliked, a situation which makes him feel lonely and alone. In the process, Jake comes across Neytiri whom he finds interesting as she teaches him the ways of the Na'vi and falls in love with her. The Na'vi culture and ways of life become part of him when he undertakes a rite of passage and learns how to fly a dragon. This makes him become part of the new world of Pandora.

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Doing so, Jake fulfills one of his life dreams of finding a purpose to fight for where he devotes himself to fight for his love rebelling against his team. To avoid more disappointment in his life, he does not give up on the tribe when they are attacked and the place almost destroyed. This persistence makes him win the battle and disappoint the team he was working with. This aspect enables the audience to learn that life is full of disappointments which require determination to avoid. In conclusion, the movie enables the audience to learn different things which happen in human life. These aspects are presented through the character Jake Sully, who plays as a protagonist, in the movie "Avatar" which is written and directed by James Cameroon.

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