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While we have covered so many interesting topics, the last topic on Aviation Ethics drew a lot of my attention. Precisely, lesson 5a is class that made me take a long walk over time, rethink issues, resolved some while it left me asking myself several questions as regards the morality in the way pilots were being compensated in the past. Precisely, the question of if pilots should be remunerated based on the years of service at one airplane or based on the quality of their service was and still would be a very contagious issue today had things not changed today. In the class, I got to know that the post-World War II to date were defining years, especially for the global aviation industry.

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In the “golden years,” the world economies shifted from militarism to rebuilding what had been destroyed during the war decades. I am trying to think of a situation where an old captain cannot offer as quality services to an airliner like a recently employed young man yet; the old captain is paid better than the young person. This would be unfair if the young person offered better quality services. Besides, by defying meritocracy here, this mode of remuneration must have encouraged plane crews to be lazy at work and predominantly offer low-quality services. Reason being, there was no motivation for delivering quality services as there was no remuneration for that. After all, remuneration was pegged on the years of service. Globally, not everybody would have wished to be remunerated based on age as opposed to merit.

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