Beauty Pageantry of Children

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The competition to becoming miss country is stiff and this has become fascinating to most young girls. Most networks are become chief producers of the hit realities where they parade young queens on different stages and they sell, one would probably wonder how by so doing, they are doing the right thing. It looks more of ponies show and how comes it is a good thing? In my honest opinion, it is never a good a thing, it is not right since it forces our young girls to think that they are now qualified to think like adults yet they aren’t. They act of showing their nudity in public for the consumption of every Tom, Dick and Hurry seems fancy at the moment but the truth is, it haunts them when they grow up.

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It will later on affect their mental well being. I believe that the majority will buy my idea that these kids have no clue about being or looking sexy, their mental software is not upgraded to the level of understanding sexuality and in this light therefore, their actions are meant to please adults. Majority of the viewers are adults who completely have a different view about sexuality or being sexy so our kids have to impress a wrong group of people, the adults – they dress to impress them, why? Because they are the audience and judges. Parents are sexualizing young girls and that isn’t right. More physical harm lucks unto them who are sexy at their tender age. Rape and sexual assaults have increased because of the parents’ doings.

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