Becoming human lie detectors

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On most occasions people often tell white lies which are considered by many to be harmless. Besides, majority also often consider the consequences of telling a lie before telling it and if there little to none, the chance of getting away with the lie is a great incentive. The truth sometimes may hurt, and as such most would rather comfort with lies than cause conflict with the truth. This is done so as to secure relationships and also avoid topics one is not willing to discuss. If human beings had the ability to detect lies, a lot would change on how we live our lives. In her opinion, lies are very dangerous to us and we must become fully trained lie detectors so as to live our daily lives.

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According to Vanessa Edwards, a business success can be held back by lies from the parties involved just as much as it call be held back by competition. It is her firm belief that for one to be a great/influential leader or to build strong relationships, it is of utmost importance to detect any lies and be very alert in every conversation. According to her research, lies have the capability to bar us from reaching our full potential and in order to excel in our lives we must be able to tell when we are being lied to. She also seems to view liars just as dangerous to people as terrorists are. People don’t react well to bad news and to save them agony and frustrations lies may come in handy.

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In rare circumstances, telling lies might be a good thing such as when a child inquires on the origin of babies. The truth in such a circumstance will stir more harm a lie which will preserve the child’s innocence until he/she matures. Besides, it is also my take that lies are part of societies and without them society will have a hard time dealing with bitter truths. Many do not realize that lies are major component of peace. The SMORC theory implies that human beings make decisions based on trust and emotions and if this were true, many would become cautious of every little situation and more alert. Paranoia would grip society as everybody will always be on their guard.

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It is important to appreciate that dishonesty is not always descendant from one criminal individual but can be as a result of multiple individuals each working for their own selfish interests mostly committing acts of dishonesty without even communicating. Most people prefer dishonesty when they can get a little competitive edge but when results from their dishonesty entail large rewards, many will refrain from it entirely as guilt kicks in and integrity is able to convince otherwise. Besides, people cheat but to only a level they can live with. The Fudge Factor Theory According to the Fudge Factor Theory, dishonesty is not encouraged by financial gain but rather the circumstances at hand. Dishonesty will be employed when there are less chances of getting caught more often than it is employed for financial gain.

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