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Just as it is all known that she is a Diplomat and a Professor of Political Science, the paper would narrow down to her career path and the outstanding accomplishments she has made over the years relevant in the transformational administration. Finally, this paper would also hint the various legacies she made over time in relation to her bureaucratic kind of personality. It should be noted, therefore, that this paper would not only serve as a biography but also act as a platform for relating her administrative personality with the achievements and general influence in governance. Biography Condoleezza Rice was born on the 14th of November (Harrington, 2018), 1954 in Birmingham (Alabama). She was the only child of her parents who raised her in the South where racism was and segregation were domineering factors.

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The committee core business was on the gender-integrated training militia. At this point in time, Condoleezza, employed the concepts of Bureaucratic Values such as neutrality to achieve the set goals. She knew that managing such a challenging task implied that she had to keep being as fair and as just as she could to attain a military balance. Both men and women were introduced to the same tasks without any gender discrimination. Managing the military while employing bureaucracy also meant that she had to give credit when it was due and justly. It was her occupancy of this prestigious office that marked her as the first Female African-American State Secretary and the overall second woman to occupy the secretarial government administration position.

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She was the predecessor of Madeleine Albright. During the President Bush’s reign, Condoleezza acted as the National Security Advisor which basically translated to having responsibilities in the public governance. It is from the occupancy of this office that Condoleezza implemented the application of bureaucracy in administration. She thus did a great job which transformed the state’s administration as well. She narrowed down to focus more on the Middle East as her starting point. She envisioned a world in which the Public Administration was not only for the people but also by the people. Every person’s opinion mattered for as long as the right protocols were used in channeling one’s interests. It is due to her dream of achieving a democratic leadership system that she had to reshuffle members of her department (Masters, 2017).

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She based her administration on the location of American diplomats to various regions so that they could go and awaken the people’s need for democracy in the areas they went to. The other achievement that Condoleezza has attained in her quest for bureaucratic operations is that of the 12th August 2012 which made her challenge the golf membership. Condoleezza and another South Carolina Businesswoman decided to challenge the notion that golf was a game meant for the males. They thus made a legacy of becoming the first two women to have simultaneously become the members of the Augusta National Golf Club which is located in Georgia (Gardels, 2017). Journals termed the event monumental since the club has been known for consistently being gender bias over the years.

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Condoleezza has also made a remarkable impact through putting her ideas in writing. She has also consistently insisted on the effects and benefits of comprehending the basic concepts of bureaucracy in Public administration (Harrington, 2018). Politicians must acknowledge the beauty of democracy, equality, equity, freedom and human rights application in order to be considered fully baked products of political science. She ensures that every student attains the bare minimum of being capable of applying these principles before they graduate. It is also through the hard work that she has secured a position in the Directorate of Global Centre for business and Economy. Commerce is the stake of every existing institution. She is indeed a masterpiece of the mind that administrators should have so as to achieve success.

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