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The new administration in the USA advocates for white supremacy, minority needs are therefore likely to have the last opportunity. As a public health analyst, HIV epidemic is a concern that cannot be ignored, therefore, it’s part of the responsibilities to educate black women and men of the methods of prevention and treatment of HIV. Black feminism in the USA has progressed since the slavery days, and up to today, black women have to fight to defend their rights. Lack of enough representation in politics and other leadership post has greatly silenced their voices. The following essay seeks to analyze HIV statistics, means of education used to prevent AIDS, the impact of spreading awareness, and the role of the government in fighting against the HIV epidemic in New York.

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However, with Trump’s administration, the Republicans bill will cut out Medicaid which leaves 13. 9 million African American with no access to medical care (Ryan and Abrahams 2). Additionally, the government does not foster scientific research which greatly affects medical care since research is key in medical practice. Lack of government support will negatively impact on the fight against HIV by reducing access to medical care. Raising premiums by deducting aid programs leave poor people helpless and those with pre-existing conditions are likely to die. Therefore, the study proved that incarceration of black men was a factor that increased the spread of the HIV epidemic (Howze). Re-entry of people from incarceration to the community is therefore important to ensure a proper transition not only to prevent the spread of HIV but to create harmony in the community and reduce crime.

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Lack of proper educational awareness leads to ignorance among the black community living in poverty which stricken communities. Additionally, Lack of employment leads to crime and drug which propels the rise of new infection cases in Bronx. Therefore, poverty in Bronx is the primary cause of HIV infection, and should be addressed with heavier weight to decrease the rate of new infections and reduce the suffering of AIDS patients. Additionally, African American should be educated and availed with Pre -exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) drugs to prevent chances of getting infected owing to the fact that they live in an environment that exposes them to contracting HIV. However, PrEP should not be used alone, but should be combined with other methods like the use of condom (Stroke).

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Moreover, people who commit to using PrEP drugs should be consistent by taking a pill daily and visiting their healthcare providers after three months for checkup. Prevention should be the key approach to finally eradicate AIDS as it is cheapest and best solution. HIV Transmission during birth should be addressed to finally achieve zero HIV transmissions during birth (Idele et al. By creating forums like Children Aid Society where women gather and spend time together, women can get involved activities that broaden experiences and help them identify on a common ground. Peer grouping and sharing will help improve women’s health, spread HIV awareness, raise prevention at the same time reducing stigmatization, therefore, enhancing Black women’s confidence in the fight against HIV epidemic (Fogarty et al.

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The youth are at a higher risk of getting the HIV infection; the youth in Bronx are facing difficult times as they figure their lives out (Patrick et al. Many of this youth are born in poverty from the projects where they are exposed to drugs, crime and rape for young women and children (Howze). As statistics indicate, Black women are leading with current and new infections which can be attributed to many factors. Therefore, the socio economic networks are disrupted leaving the African American women with less partners. By educating and sharing with such women the HIV epidemic can be stopped by advocating for prevention other than cure. Women are the pillars of every community; it’s therefore worrying when the same women are leading with HIV infections in the USA.

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