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However, this approach only gives the visual quality which should only apply when the artistic aspect of a movie has proven inept. Artistic evaluation of movie is the most important process that requires an individual to determine the purpose of a movie and then judge how well the fundamental elements of the movie work together to achieve the end. Towards this end, this paper aims to analyze the films Black Panther and Hidden Figures to establish how their various basic artistic elements have been used to establish their distinct themes. Black Panther Black Panther is the most recent film in the Marvel cinematic universe that has emerged the best and the most innovative and blood-tingling comic movie of all times. The storyline of this film originates from the fictional nation of Wakanda, represented in the movie as the only African country that never experienced colonization despite countless attempts to colonize it.

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The smaller scale used in this story is just perfect; bringing the lens in closer and just telling the story of T’Challa makes it easy to relate the moods and feeling of the characters. Also, the location of the movie is mainly at Wakanda, the fictional African nation that depicts a modern world and how the world would have been without colonization (c) Performances In regards to performance, the new star Letitia Wright who acts as Wakanda's tech expert and T'Challa's younger sister is conceivably the most significant and pleasant surprise in the movie. Her performance makes every scene she appears to be memorable and furthermore, she seems to possess the ability to add something extra to every gesture or dialogue she delivers.

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This capacity adds a blow to the moment without looking exaggerated. Wright stands out in a film packed with familiar faces and veterans. Among the most appealing sound designs in the movie included Klaw's sonic emitter and the sound of the dispersion of energy from Black Panther's suit. These two sounds had a profound sub-layer that echoed beautifully throughout the cinema and made some influential, warm and nicely textured waves of sound. Also, the presence or the use of vibration in the movie had a similar nicely flavored sonic texture that truly pushed through the mix thus appealing to a viewer's ear. However, some scenes with sharp sounds may irritate a viewer who is not thrilled with noise. In conclusion, Black Panther functions as an adventure movie, a political statement and a celebration of culture.

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The movie unfolds the segregationist laws and norms as well as the personal attitudes and actions that sustained African Americans during this period. Also, the film depicts the efforts of black Virginians to survive the persistent racism and where applicable to resist it, point it out, overcome it or even defeat it. Collectively, the movie demonstrates the distasteful attitudes and practices of white supremacy which corrupted earlier generations’ success which became inseparable from this success. All these events point to the historical facts that occurred during the 1960s. (b) Set and Scenery The film is set in NASA research center in Virginia and scenes accompanied by actual artifacts or very close replicas from the time period of the 1960s to keep the movie historically accurate.

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