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Brand alignment entails maintaining the same brand perception despite the choice of marketing channel. Customer alignment on the other will require me as the marketing manager to pick a channel where my consumers are consistently active. Budget alignment requires choosing a channel that fits your budget. Campaigns are very important when it comes to marketing. Having different campaigns on different channels increases awareness as well as consumers trust. Nowadays marketing is quite crowded space with consumers marketing messages from different dimensions such as television, print, radio, and internet. With consumers being pitched by different services and products, it is important as a marketing manager to stand out (Chen et al 480). To accomplish this I will make use of the unique selling proposition that entails doing something different as compared to others.

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A good example, in this case, can be achieved in a number of ways. South Africa is not stable as far as the economy is concerned. An increase in awareness increases the number of consumers since it boosts the level of trust. With an increase in consumer's sales are definitely going to skyrocket and thus expanding the overall profit margins. The fourth steps are defining the branding elements. Branding is very important when it comes to developing a good marketing communication strategy. Basically branding aids in having a consistent outlook as well as a good feeling in all your online as well as offline marketing materials the likes of apps, social platforms, websites, advertising campaigns, direct marketing campaigns, and business cards just to mention a few (Holm and Olof 25).

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9 in 2016. This largely benefited huge companies such as Google and Facebook. A study conducted recently showed that almost half of the media buyers are working on increasing mobile video as well as digital spending in the two years. Objectives of the marketing plan The theme of creating a market plan is to ensure possible utilization of not only human but also physical resources in order to achieve the goals of the organization. A market plan aids in the establishment of good coordination marketing activities as well as bringing certainty in the organization marketing decisions. Due to tight rules concerning the kind of materials used in car construction, the cost of the cars has raised rapidly. Economic factors These factors relate to the actual exchange rates, the business setting prevailing as well as the global economic growth of the organization.

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In the year 2008, there was a global increase in GDP globally by 1%. The economy usually goes in a series of different fluctuation that is normally associated with booms and slump within the economic activity. During the period of booms all, the businesses benefit while during slumber most businesses fail. Improvement of technology as also led to improved modes of cars that are environmentally friendly. Adoption of new technology within the organization makes the organization more competitive and thus increasing its sales globally. Cultural Dimension Recent research has shown that there is a strong association between culture and consumers buying behavior. According to the studies, culture has an important force that has got a deep impact on a number of different things in people's lives from their wisdom tastes as well other basic choices.

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Culture affects the specific style a particular person loves to the kind of literature he reads and even the music type he listens (Shah et al 85). Marketing managers should take note of the impact of power distance within an organization and come up with ways of managing it. Uncertainty avoidance This is concerned with the rate of society's tolerance to ambiguity and uncertainty. It shows to what extent in a cultural dimension people feel either comfortable or uncomfortable. Uncertainty avoidance cultures minimize the chances of such situations by having different strict laws, rules, security measures as well as safety. For instance, Germany has higher uncertainty avoidance as compared to other countries. This will cultivate an increase in the number of sales and thus increase the overall profits.

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