Book Report on A million Little Pieces By James Fray

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James is a sick man with self-esteem issues, drug abuse problems and an anger management issue. He gets into fights numerous times while in rehab and at some point he describes how before he got to rehab he beat up a priest so baldy he fears the priest probably died. The author is a stubborn human being and rejects the 12-step process proposed to him so he can recover quickly. At the same time, it has to be acknowledged his resolve to stop using drugs is very strong as he completely recovers without using the 12-step guide and when he leaves rehab, he gets his brother to buy him alcohol at a bar which he does not drink to show indeed he has left drug abuse.

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This paper aims to describe the historical context of James Fray’s A million little Pieces and the main themes covered by the book. Before joining the rehab, James was addicted to all sorts of drugs with alcohol being his main poison “What type of substances do you normally use? Alcohol. Every day? Yes. he started abusing drugs at the age of ten and when he joined the rehab he was 23 meaning he had been abusing drugs for the last ten years of his life. James describes his addiction to drugs as a form of escape where he would achieve a certain feeling from doing drugs that made him do even more drugs, “I feel good again, perfect, magnificent and invincible, like the power of every orgasm I've ever had, could ever have and will ever have has been concentrated into a single moment” (1.

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he uses figurative and descriptive language to give the reader a mental picture of his relationship with drugs. his parents do not at any point give up on him and they pay for his stay at the center and even enroll for the family sessions. For recovering addicts, connections like family are important in their healing process which is why James’ parents enroll for the family sessions and Miles tries to get his wife to enroll (3. Suffering is also an important theme to the development of James Frey’s book. The rehabilitation process is painted as a grueling and painful encounter that takes all the strength for a person to survive. Additionally, James is not the only person at the center who is suffering.

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The book shows how drug abuse can bring one a lot of suffering later on in life thereby discouraging people from starting the habit. Conclusion In summary, A million little Pieces is a literary masterpiece surrounded by a lot of controversy. Despite, the problems James Frey faced due to his deceit, critiques still agree the book was well written and captures the readers attention from the beginning. The book gives its audience a glimpse into the drug rehabilitation process and how it affects the individuals. If one was thinking of starting doing drugs, after reading the book the person will most likely have second thoughts after reading about the hard times the addicts at the rehab center go through as they try to escape from the drugs-prison they created for themselves.

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