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This is captured in various periods of their history. The Jews appreciate the poems because of the beauty and messages they contain. The psalms give hope to the Jews and encourage them to believe and depend on God always for Providence, protection, and grace. The psalms have been used in the Jewish synagogues and temples in praising God. Currently, the Christian churches have adapted to use the psalms in their worship services. This is not the case with other Old Testament books where literature first entailed the descriptions on what happened to Israel; the messages sent by God to the Israelites more so using prophets and thirdly the distilled wisdom to the society (DeClaissé-Walford,et al. pp22). The authorship of the book of psalms The authors who wrote the book of Psalms are not well known to the modern bible scholars.

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This is because the history of the book is made of a combination of religious tradition and account of fact. It is worth noting that the information gathered in the book has been taken from the annotations about the psalms written in the similar period, the historical references within the psalms themselves and the references to the psalms noted in the Bible in the New Testament. This type of composition is manifested through the story of creation where God proved his mightiness. This is recorded in the book of Psalms chapter 19. From verses one to six, God proved to be powerful through the great composition in creation. Verses one to six, talks about the historical events where God had verbal communication with man.

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These psalms, therefore, honor God for his willingness to intervene in times of crises to save humankind. They emphasize his ethical responsibility and overall accountability. This is seen where the dignity of human beings is underscored in the book of Psalms chapter 8. In this section, the writer contemplates the grandeur of creation which was intended to be a subject of humanity but wonders “what is a man, that thou are mindful of him?”. It is also important to note the ethical consequences mentioned in Psalms chapter one, here the spiritual human being is the person that does not associate himself or herself with the wicked or associated with the sinners. Accountability is mentioned in the statement that the wicked will not stand in the judgment (DeClaissé-Walford,et al.

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Some people have misunderstood this scripture and fail to get the real intention of the word. These biblical expressions are not personal meaning it is not an individual wishing hateful vengeance rather it is the pronouncements regarding the type of justice that will befall those who have persisted to be enemies of God. It is therefore between God and the human beings and not between men. This scripture was inspired by the guidance of the Holy Spirit (Tullock,et al. pp324). He was therefore not a usual human being. This is well explained in the book of Psalms chapter 45, verse 6 to 7. Also in chapter twenty-two verse 22, talks about Christ having the human nature. It goes further to explain that Christ would be betrayed and die a painful death.

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This is indicated in the book of Psalms chapter 41 and verse 9. This was a remarkable moment where God manifested, and the people of Israel rejoiced and praised the lord. The theme of love is recorded in Psalms chapter 146. In this context, God had the love for the oppressed and the poor in the society. In Psalms chapter 42 and 43, sorrow and discouragement befell the nation when foreign powers forced the people into captivity. This is well expressed in the prayers recorded in the bible. The God who delivers his people from the captivity of their enemies, he also saves his people from all their problems and afflictions. God helped the people of Israel through exercising grace and performance of duty and fighting battles.

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Also, God manifested in the bearing the cross as well as on their journey. God blessed them with spiritual and temporal blessings. God is ready to provide abundant grace to his people now and in future as long as they come to him and adhere to his teachings. He protects his people from sin; he keeps the promise of salvation. "The Lord is thy shade - The Lord is as a shadow: as the shadow of a rock, a house, or a tree, in the intense rays of the burning sun. ” The lord cannot allow the evil one to snatch his being from Him. The shade in this context means a protector from harm. The right hand refers to the spirit.

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