Knife Crime Prevalence in London

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There have been many attempts from the government and the society in general to reduce the number of crimes but fewer results have been observed. The question that arises is on the level to which the young men carry knives not with any harmful intentions but as a perceived protection measure. The number of people that have been affected by the use of crimes is usually the teenagers and in some instances families lose their loved ones as a result of the stabbing. The use of knives in crimes has been viewed as a psychological problem as it is not for a need since most of the involved people are not in lack of money. The knife crime has become the order of the day in many streets of the City and the main reason has been argued to be beyond what just meets the eye (Walsh, 2011, p2).

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The research showed that according to the media reports the concentration of the crimes was in the inner parts of the city. The study placed the number of the youths stabbed to death in London to be Thirty-two in the year. It showed how serious the issue was with an illustration of a young teenager that had seventeen stabs on his body before he died. According to the research, the knife crimes ought to be taken more serious by all the relevant authorities before they get out of hand. Most of the people that were killed out of the stabbing had so many stab that it would be asserted that the killer continued even after they had died. Following the trend, the expectation is that the criminal gangs will continuously increase in number if an overhaul of the whole system is not carried out.

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The formation of the gangs’ results from the young people being from a community with a high rate of crimes, and once in the bands, they become more antisocial. The social disorganization of the society and increased oppression of a neighborhood tends to increase the number of youths joining the gangs as a reactionary measure (Deuchar, 2009, 70). According to the research, neighborhoods factors cannot account for the number of gangs formed that end up using blunt weapons to fight. Family issues and the peer pressure also have significant effects towards a youth joining the criminal gangs. It is therefore the responsibility of all to have the young people at the heart of development of any society. According to the research it is only if the youths are made to be engaged on development issues that they shall not engage in illegal activities that lead to the formation of gangs and consequently the formation of gangs.

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Research Method A systematic review is to be used to make an analysis of different secondary sources and come up with one research. The review involves the bringing together of all the printed and the unprinted publications on certain research and then use the conclusion on matters related to knife crimes to come up with the relevant findings. Advantages of Systematic reviews 1. Ethical issues The researcher shall not in any way distort the information obtained from the secondary sources for any personal pursuits or achievements. The final report to be submitted shall consist of the actual findings of the research without any omission whatsoever. The researcher also gives the assurance that the findings shall be kept confidential for only academic use.

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