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It has been extensively used to generate 3D assets and animation in film production, TV Animated story development and in the architecture fields. The users of Maya first define the virtual workspace that facilitated the editing of a particular project. The scenes can be saved in various formats that will be discussed in the project. Objective / Aims / Message The main objective of this project is to develop a Maya 3D modeling story Animated story for the teenagers to Watch the story. The report will aim at giving the steps used to create or fulfill the project; however, some simulation analysis will also be discussed within the report. the Maya 3D modeling story uses immense multimedia where computer simulation creates an image of a world.

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The research focuses on the uses of the 3D modeling software which is Maya in general. Most Maya 3D modeling story environment that is on the computer screen and installed gyroscope and position tracking devices in the HMD can be tracking the user movements. The research portrays and shows how the implementation of the machine provides the speaker or headphones to give the user more additional sensory when Watch the story in the Animated story. There are various references that are used to generate this report, the use of YouTube videos which explain the use of the Maya 3D modeling story machine software such as the virtual surgery. Whirr I First I introduced the characters by allocating them the positions and roles including painting and movements.

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After this me also able to finish my three modeling where I assigned each character its role within the story. The first character was a student, which it is referenced from Harry Potter. And then next character is an old man, which is referenced from x-men the last character is a wolf. For the environment, I build the house which had a tree and the garden and the same time i set up the scene to be at the night, because the moon must appear at the night. It turned out to be a fundamental guide all through the task, attempting to maintain center as the undertaking traveled through the different stages as the liveliness created. Analysis Maya 3D modeling technology and movement have changed various fields, including filmmaking, PC diversions, engineering and item outline.

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However the hidden premise of superb 3D creation begins in customary plan and activity philosophies. This course gives a prologue to the energizing universe of 3D content creation, while accentuating its association with the imaginative perspective. Understudies will take in an outline of the craftsman work process as it identifies with displaying, finishing, activity, lighting and rendering. However, I still receive problem cannot find in the book or tutorial, so I need to use another method to solve the problem. Scripting and experience was the main problem for the project since this part had many scenes to develop which I had less experience. However, after multiple types of research about the movie shooting, I was able to overcome the problem. Evaluation Change September 2017 By September 2017, I was able to finish the essential standard of the objectives and still create something without unique arrangement.

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