Brave New World Critical Analysis

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The ideal was a novel that inspired the author to come up with a negative utopia. The novel explores various grounds that Western Europe was lead and what was did to maintain people in control. People have gone through torture under the leadership of Mustapha who used happiness to maintain order in the country. He all that was necessary to control, what citizens wanted did not matter compared to the need of control that the government intended to have. The paper analysis all these factors and how they affected the lives of the citizens in Western Europe. The reason being if they did, it would be easy for them to lose power. If the government cannot allow the citizens to question it, it clearly shows that they understand what they are doing is not right and healthy for its citizens yet they do not focus on matters that impact the country in a positive manner.

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“Happiness is hard to master- particularly other people’s happiness. A much harder master, if one isn’t conditioned to accept it unquestioningly, than truth” (pg. Mustapha Mond who is the final controller explains that; for the government to continue ruling in none questionable manner, the people who are being manipulated must be kept happy for them not to realize in unhealthy behavior and raise any questions on the same issue. It can be seen as a friendly but trough the close look of events that happen in the novel, the citizens are being denied the rights and freedom they require. The government has not impacted the torture in a direct manner; they have been genetically engineered and hypnotically pursued rather than being tortured and treated.

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The government is able to monitor the working as every member works to what he or she has been programmed to work. The citizens do it happily and also they die while they are still happy. In between the period they that they get programmed to the dead time, they are involved in so many immoral behaviors, that is a lot of sex and also consumption of the 14 drugs. For the starters, they see a society that encourages consumerism and thus no shortage of food to purchase. Through the jo bs that the citizens have been given, they also serve as a source of archived happiness as people are given specific jobs or conditioned thus no unhappiness can develop due to lack of jobs.

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Some of the workers such as rocket mechanics are habituated to be happy only when rotating like they would while they are at work. The director of Hatcheries and conditioning states “the secret of happiness and virtue- liking what you have to do. All conditioning aims at that: making people their inescapable social destiny”. In Western Europe, being involved in such a riot is against the cardinal rules of society. This is a form of treating the stability of happiness that has been in existence. One of the things that Mustapha has tried to maintain is the happiness and anyone threatening that would not be handled in a simple manner. Bernard does not think that what has happened is a great mistake and can lead to a terrible judgment.

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