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Having single units makes it easy to stream line the processes and regulatory compliance upon setting up the enterprise architecture. This is possible because, single units make it easy to identify and implement good practices that would ensure that the time taken to audit is minimized. Single customer service centers makes it easy for auditors to have their concentration in a single place which saves the company on the by reducing the number of independent external auditors needed for the auditing process. Single customer service center implies that there will be a single data center. This makes it possible to mine data easily and to identify various opportunities that the organization can take advantage of. The risk mitigation advantages would include having common security policies and architecture that would make it easy to review as frequently as possible.

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This will also make it possible to easily keep the security system updated as well as reduce the incidences of data breaches. On the other hand, the advantages of regulatory compliance from setting up a single customer service center would include fewer costs for new process and systems. In addition, such systems and processes would be developed easily with compliance as the key metric. Also, a single unit would help in improving the performance and efficiency through improved divisional focus. Possibility of Achieving an Enterprise Vision with A Decentralized IT Function This will not be possible because more concerns will continue to revolve around the smaller departments. In addition, majority of the metrics and the incentives will focus on individual instead of group success.

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As a result the internal perceptions of the business will be invariance and the business partnerships will be at the departmental levels. Business and IT Problems That Would Be Caused By Lack Of Common Information And An Enterprise IM Strategy When an organization’s divisions fail to share information and processes, several issues affect the organization. As evident in the case, the company’s reputation has been tarnished since it had separate bills for linked lines of business (McKeen, & Smith, 2007). Enterprise Architecture at Nationstate Insurance Potential Benefits Realized by Nationstate by Establishing an Enterprisewide Architecture Jane Denton advocates for an enterprise-wide architecture for Nationstate (McKeen, & Smith, 2007). This would help the senior leadership team to be aware of the systems and activities of each and every business units.

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This helps them to avoid duplication of systems and data in the same organization and instead will bring cohesiveness and allow for effective use of resources in the organization for the benefit of the whole organization. Communication will be more efficient and easier between the business units and the central system especially because of the dual reporting relationship to the chief architect and the CIO. There will be easier collaboration as well. Seamus O’Malley’s Case There will be cost reduction because central operation reduces costs that would have been used in many projects and in duplicating efforts thus saves money. The organization will be able to get new technology an ensure that they have the best IT which they would ensure is upgraded and in a more flexible and innovative way because handling a single system is much easier and faster thus saving resources; both time and money.

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