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This may relate to the timeframe for undertaking this assessment task in class or relate to an extension to the due date. Consult with the Curriculum & Learning Manager prior to administering this assessment to ensure Learner Support needs are met. BSBDIV301 Assessment Requirements Performance Evidence Evidence of the ability to: • adjust language and behavior as required by interactions with diversity • identify and respect individual differences in colleagues, clients and customers • apply relevant regulations, standards and codes of practice. Knowledge Evidence To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must: • identify significant groups in the workplace and community, as defined by cultural, religious and other traditions and practices • identify reasonable adjustments that facilitate participation by people with a disability • explain the value of diversity to the economy and society in terms of: • workforce development • Australia’s place in the global economy • innovation • social justice PART ONE: SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS Assessment Instructions: The following questions refer to the topic of diversity in the workplace.

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Conduct research and using Microsoft Word, answer each question below. For the groups used in Question 1, explain how did you source information on these cultural groups and provide the information sources in your response. First I had to find scholarly sources that present extensive research based on the Australian population. Due to the high rates of immigration witnessed in this country, the research has to involve demographic statistics and the impacts involved. Also, I had to study the religious history of the country and also explore the current religious situations involved. List and explain at least three (3) key concepts that you know about Australia’s anti-discrimination legislation. ii- Increasing the quality of treatment offered to service dogs- service dogs trained to help people with disabilities deal with the negative aspects of their lives.

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What types of discrimination have you experienced or are you aware of? List at least two (2) types of discrimination in your response. - Racial discrimination. - Age discrimination 6. What communication skills do you need to promote diversity in your work team to improve performance and interpersonal relationships? One of the fundamental communication skills is emotional intelligence. A young lady of Vietnamese background on a permanent resident visa who has only recently arrived in Australia (we will call her Hong) is working in the Cafe/Take Away owned by two people, of a Croatian background who are Australian citizens and are the owners of the business in a partnership. Hong is the Supervisor overseeing more than three staff every day working 6 days a week with no breaks.

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The 3 staff members are of Arabic, European and African origin and are also seeking their permanent residency The employers pay Hong below the minimum wage with no taxes or superannuation paid on Hong’s behalf. The staff members have approached Hong on separate occasions to discuss their dissatisfaction with the café owners due to having pay issues themselves and also not knowing how to contact the owners on this issue. Two (2) staff members have approached Hong and complained that one of the owners had made disparaging remarks about the 3rd staff member that they believe is racially motivated and inappropriate. The employees would then make propositions on the resolutions they find fit for solving the problem. Should Hong speak to the team members individually or collectively when gathering information about the problem? Explain your answer.

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