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This section of the individual report will highlight two ethical issues businesses face and two ethical frameworks that can be used to manage the issues. Issue of Social Development Social development is closely related to social responsibility. Both actions represent cases where an organization institutes and runs programs aimed at developing the lives of the community. Businesses locate their premises in areas that are strategic to their goals. As a result, the community has minimal input on the type of business that is located within their area (Lashley, 2016). Of the five approaches, the social development issue can be managed through the rights approach. The rights approach states that people deserve to be treated with dignity. They also deserve rights to be accorded to them in any situation.

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This approach is perfect as it eliminates the treatment of people as a means to an end. The community is given a right to make significant contributions on the relationship between a business and the surrounding community. Ethical Framework for Addressing Illegal and Unethical Issues The Blanchard-Peale framework is the most common and simplest ethical framework of the available frameworks (Sentell, 2013). The framework was developed by Blanchard and Peale and presented in the book, The Power of Ethical Management. The framework involves three questions a decision maker is to answer. The first question touches on the legality of an action. In some cases, an action may be illegal, but, ethical. Fortunately, the available ethical frameworks can be used in different combinations to achieve a sustainable solution.

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Reference Lashley, C. Business ethics and sustainability, Research in Hospitality Management, 6:1, 1-7, DOI: 10. 2989/RHM. 128 Sentell, C. Southern Cross University. Retrieved from https://epubs. scu. edu. au/cgi/viewcontent. The framework presents various approaches with the rights issues being the most favorable approach. This is due to its work advocating for the rights of all parties. The second issue can be best solved through the Blanchard-Peale framework that ensures an action is legal, ethical, and fair. Future Workplace Behavior Reflection Most of the available literature and actionable processes in business ethics revolve around the role of management in instituting and upholding the ethics in their organizations. However, there is a significant role employees play in shaping the ethical standards associated with a business or organization.

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Most ethical issues in an organization occur as a result of the relationships and encounters between employees. A number occur due to the relationship between employers and employees (Crane & Matten, 2016). Ethical issues have been associated with businesses since the industrial age. Employee unions represent a single solution that has emerged to deal with age old ethical issues between employers and employees. The rise of industrial action that culminated into unions changed the workplace environment and behavior (Crane & Matten, 2016). This agenda will be guided by the management's overall ethical outlook for the organization. The management level will influence the behavior by setting up a structure that provides the limits to the organizations ethical practice. Management will take a back seat and allow the employees union to develop and implement smaller frameworks within its limits.

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