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However, despite the clear evidence of the booming trend of the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat among others, many businesses are not taking the advantage of the sites for entrepreneurial success. A significant proportion of businesses have not leveraged proper social media channels, a problem which has been associated with the limited knowledge on the importance of the social media in business for entrepreneurial success. This study is set to ensure that more businesses benefit from the application of social media and, hence, the study will lead to improved performance of the business sector. Snapchat has been used by many companies especially in the area of the advertisement. The application allows the business managers to open an app, take a quick picture of the items, set a timer, and send them along to many people. Hence, it offers a very simple procedure to share information. The major reason why Snapchat is important for business is the ability to up one's engagement with geo-filters which allows snap-chatters to use a custom filter on their pictures. Also, creating a Snapchat account and regularly using it allows managers to build brand awareness. Above all, in addition to sharing of important updates and exclusive contents, the Snapchat application allows the sharing of coupons and holding of contests. This study seeks to make two major contributions to the existing policy and literature. First, the study provides evidence of the contributions of social media, particularly Snapchat, in business for entrepreneurial success through the provision of marketing and business opportunities, networking, communication, and content sharing.

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The evidence is helpful to policymakers because it will provide the basis for decision making. Secondly, the research provides the necessary background information on the importance of social media use in business that will act as an important part of the literature. While there are many important uses of social media in business as well as numerous social media sites, this study makes a deliberate focus on the contributions of Snapchat application to the success of the small and medium businesses. The study adopts a case study design where the target population includes all SMEs in the Middle East. Data will be collected from a random sample of 200 businesses using the questionnaire approach. Definition Snapchat can be defined as a multimedia messaging application that is in use globally. The application provides a social platform for messaging and social network.

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The application can be downloaded to iPhone and Android phone where friends can use it interactively to send videos and photos. Snapchat history The Snapchat application was created by Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy, and Evan Spiegel and launched in September 2011. The social media ensures that the organization and customers build tough relationships hence boosting business growth (Coles, 2018). Most of the population prefers the use of social media to create awareness. The platforms are available and anybody using a computer or smartphone can access the services. The good thing with social media is that information can easily reach them in the comfort of their desks at work or any other place. People can still access preferred services while walking on the streets through their smartphone. Since Snapchat offers different marketing options that are paid for organizations and companies especially those promoting products that are appealing to young generations turned to this offer, an offer that specifically suits the specific business goals.

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What are the Snapchat features that are targeted by advertisers in product promotion? The businesses started creating the Snap Ad, fun sponsored geofilters or sponsored lens customer interaction. Most of the organizations preferred the use of Snap Ads to get the attention of the relevant audience. An Ad on Snapchat is ten seconds in duration and mostly appears between shared stories. According to the advertisers, Snapchat users have a choice of getting in depth of more content if maybe they want to view longer videos articles and websites. Therefore if friends are hanging out in a group it is easy to add them to the list and become friends. Snapchat has another feature that has made it so popular, a simple drawing tool which allows the users to draw pictures, make drawings on top of photos, text addition on photos before sending them.

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This feature allows the users to exercise creativity and expression. The Snapchat stories feature allows users to make a compilation of their photos and videos and publish them. The story is visible to friends for twenty-four hours. Product promotion and advertisement has gained popularity in social media especially the Snapchat application How should a business make a choice of platform to use while advertising products and services? To effectively use Snapchat for business, the advertisers should be at a position to come up with strategies that offer best features and filters that are appealing to customers who are willing to market themselves in Snapchat (Nix, 2017). The application is fast and best for customers willing to do quick promotions. The application can be used for Buzz marketing. Buzz marketing is developed from secrets, rumors, and exclusivity (McDonald, 2017).

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The Snapchat for business can be used to promote a business that requires connections with exclusive offers. McDonald, J.  Social media marketing workbook: How to use social media for business. Monefa, N.  Snapchat: The ultimate insider tips & secrets guidebook Jacobson, J. L.

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