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The law prohibits the state and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials. It served as a blow to Trump administration that saw the state launch a suit case against the ‘sanctuary city’. The measure by California State seems to not apply mostly on negative perspectives but a great law to the California people in general. The process of making California a sanctuary state came from a series of events impacting positively to the people of California while on the other part the justice department suing them for the measure, factors that are all expressed in the paper. California vote for sanctuary state The Sanctuary Bill 54 was crafted back during the Obama administration and introduced by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon in the Senate in 2016.

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Before the signing of the Bill into law, the federal government had arrested more than 200 people in the state for being illegal immigrants and which angered the federal government, (Lynch, & Dan). According to Jeff Sessions, the law is a breach of trust between the federal and state operations given that the Trump administration is aiming at doing away with illegal foreigners in the country and whom it has suspected to be behind the deteriorating status of America such as terrorism and other crime acts. Having been passed into law and the previous federal government measures against these illegal immigrants, the government had not other option but to seek the court redress on this matter given that the some state laws such as those prevents the federal administration from interfering with its provisions and rules.

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The law suit seems to broaden the differences between the Trump administration and the California state with each party believing on their own ideology on this matter. The suit is filed to have the federal government exercise its mandate on immigration rules and seek to alter the law on sanctuary city which they have considered to be the hiding place for the illegal immigrants. Harassing and detaining the immigrants without proper conduct meant there was infringe in their rights of existence as well as being heard. For example, the detaining and arrest of over 200 people some of whom were not supposed to be deported acted as a severe punishment to their families and which contradicted their rights. The California state passage of the law wanted to persevere, uphold and protect the rights of these minority groups within its boundaries, (McCaul).

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There was need to have these people vindicated in the right manner but not what the administration was doing on them and causing pain in their families. The most important aspect of this regulation was to ensure the rights of the minority groups in that area were protected and respected by the authorities other than what was done earlier on. Therefore giving out the immigrant population to this same system that did not document them in the first place as well as ensure justice is served, would be a torture by itself and therefore infringing the rights of these people. It was a positive law in California that would give room to a more just way in handling the population other than victimization by the Trump administration and incompetent justice system.

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