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Engagement in research, mainly in the exploitation of chemical methods and approaches to elucidate biological function and ultimately enable development of novel therapies has been my major are of interest. I know that through my efforts, an indefinite number of lives will be profoundly improved. In the pursuit of my career goal, I have previously worked on nucleic acids-related research, especially on selective modification of DNA by novel small molecule. Having a strong knowledge base on nucleic acids research, I wish to grow my research knowledge by targeting proteins. Notably, extensive protein research experience and knowledge are crucial for the accomplishment of a research career in the chemical biology field. Perseverance and hard work were key to my achievements in both academics and communal activities and this earned me prestigious scholarships from top Japanese companies.

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These accumulated experiences have improved my confidence and I now have the mettle to handle the challenges that might come my way while at Cambridge University. I am very eager and excited to pursue my research under the supervision of Prof. Gonçalo Bernardes and to become a part of and a contributor to the Cambridge community. Explain how your relevant research experience and aptitude makes you suited to independent research. The undruggable target proteins include proteins such as the non-enzymatic proteins and the transcription factors because they are not limited to the ubiquitin-proteasome system’s physiological substrates. However, PROTACs lack cell-specificity which raises toxicity concerns for in vivo applications. Therefore, there is a need to develop a potent method that specifically directs PROTAC delivery to the diseased cell that contains target protein.

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A novel approach to achieve this objective is to conjugate PROTACs to the antibody for targeted delivery. The general goal of my research is to develop high-quality antibody-PROTAC conjugate for facilitating selective intracellular degradation of the target protein. In no more than 3000 characters (approximately 500 words) please explain why you are applying for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship and how you meet the four main criteria. My undergraduate was a merit-based scholarship and my career major was in chemistry. Then, my focus was on any drug discovery and development research but I drifted to chemical biology with the dream of developing novel therapies to improve lives. In my sophomore year, I worked with a research group on chemical biology of nucleic acid, thanks to my excellent academic performance.

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In addition to my normal full course load, I committed my 15 hours weekly, to investigating a new RNA crosslinking method, with the view of developing a stable, native-like crosslinked duplex RNA as a tool to study interactions between dsRNA and dsRNA-modifying enzymes. 2018, 26, 3551-3558) while still maintaining my GPA high (4. Having sound research knowledge on nucleic acids, I wish to expand my research to the target protein. For my Ph. D. , I will explore protein and small molecule conjugation methods with a view of a therapeutic application at Dr. This transformative experience helps me realize my responsibilities as a privileged person, to use my individual abilities, and to give back to society. Through my experience, I can significantly impact and can give back to society through my research and educational role at Cambridge.

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