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My mum moved from St Kitts & Nevis to the United State around 1993 afterwards my dad came over here 2 years after my mother. I was born on October 12, 1995, in the Bronx Lebanon hospital located in the Bronx. Around 1998 of January my brother was born and we all just became one big happy family. I and my family lived in the Bronx for almost 20 years and I had seen it all. From the crime, drugs and life crisis that happened in my community, it made me open my third eye to the possibilities I can do for not just the Bronx but even to other kids like me that lived in ruined areas in the Tri-State. My first job was DII (Deals & Discount) by one of the Columbia campuses by 168th.

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I got the job through my dad who built the store with my assistance. He knew the manager very well and asked if they had space to hire me. I was excited to be on the field on my first job. They hired me as a Stock Guy/Sale Associate position and my job was to be in the back just unloading the truck full of goods and organize it in the stock room, yet also helping guest through the store if we were low on staff. It, therefore, serves both aesthetic and utilitarian ends of the society. Every society- whether nomadic, well developed, highly developed- has a relationship to the natural world hence the types of structures existing in these societies speaks volume of words on their natural environments.

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The social functions of buildings, the suitability of the structures to their functions and the impressiveness they reveal to the general public makes architecture one of the best course ever. With this, I am sure many people will find roofs they have ever desired to have over their heads. With computer science, maybe, you never know, another Steve Jobs is arising! Endowed with my inbuilt skills of impeccable public relations, high Intelligence Quotient, commendable integrity, team player, a figure with high accountability among others, I landed in several job avenues where we collectively brought resounding successes. I had to play a part. I convinced myself to be the change and at least to bring a halt into this ideology. I pondered over my predicament and decided that I had to further my education.

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I had a burning desire to go back to school, my driving force being; to shine light into other people’s lives. Blended with the encouragements I had gotten from a few enlightened friends from the Colombia GS and after passing my Total Administrative Service Corporation (TASC), I decided to apply to Colombia School of General Studies. If I land in this great institution, I see my new trajectory in life in a new and insightful way. With my double major in Architecture in this great institution, I see my long life dream coming to limelight. I feel pangs of pain when I remember that some bona fide children don’t have roofs over their heads. Some young brains are being wasted in the streets without anybody to shine light into their paths.

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