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Social work helps solve the problems of the needy in the society and makes the feel loved and as though they are a part of the community as well. In so doing, the people are able to go back to their normal lives effectively. Social workers get to work entirely with families and people in complex social circumstances and they aim at enhancing parental and support the development of children and people in need emotionally. Physically, and intellectually. Moreover, the social workers help all the disadvantaged people to enhance their wellbeing and health positively. The problem can be prevented and resolved by creating jobs, raising minimum wages, providing paid sick days and providing paid leave, expanding medic-aid, and investing in child care and early education that is affordable and quality.

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Gender discrimination is noted in several aspects like in the hiring process and careers where there is a vast gender gap. It can be resolved by trying to bridge the gender gap by increasing the women representation, educating senior leadership in work places, hiring and promoting more women, reduces biases in work places, and including women in the process. Contributions to motivation and understanding of social work My family has greatly contributed to my motivation and better understanding of the field of social work. Social work runs in the family line, where my mum has worked as social worker with JAFCO (Jewish Adoption Foster Care Options). Additionally, I was tasked with offering solutions o families. I volunteered in Israel at the Jewish Community Centre (JCC) working at Camp Kavod as a camp counselor.

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I got the opportunity to work with the children and I was in charge of the physically and mentally challenged children between the ages of three to twelve years. Additionally, I work with the Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services as a volunteer mentor where I am in charge of a counselling program that offers specific pregnancy, childbirth and parenting education to help the teen as and their parents found in Tucson, Arizona. From the volunteer activities I have been involved in, I believe that I have the right skills if not all necessary for the social work job. Additionally, I have a great understanding of the needs and wants of the people, because of my previous experience and area of study. I can accurately understand their emotions, feelings and know what makes them sad and what makes them happy.

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Because of this, I will get to get along comfortably with the people and understand the children better. Strengths and weaknesses in relationship to education, practice and education of social work. Educational needs, and unique interest I possess. I have a great passion to help kids in need and those desiring special care and attention. Following my mentorship in this sector, I feel best suited to work in the area as well. I have developed a great connection with children and I greatly wish to work in an environment with the babies. Because of my great insights, I believe that following my graduation, my passion, skills, and experiences will help me to meet my goals as a social worker. Of most importance, it will so satisfying for me to see the growth of the organization and I will be prompted to work harder to ensure that the organization’s goals are met.

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